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I'm the first to wish you a MARVELOUS week filled with fiber and friendship. And, okay, maybe a little drink. :-) Be well!


Have a great time, Laurie! I wish I was going. Maybe next year. I will at least make sure to do some spinning this week.


Well, it may not feel the way you want it, but it surely LOOKS nice!


It looks spectacular...sock yarn should not be soft and squooshy, but rather on the firm side. Unless, of course, you want it to wear out the first time you wear the socks! Overspun, underplied on worsed sock yarn. Judith says. Have a WONDERFUL time and see you on the other side!


It looks even more awesome in person- just saying. Have a most wonderful time. You will survive Soar just fine! I plan on picking yer brain for the latest spinning info on your return!


It is lovely yarn! Can't wait to see the socks you knit with it.


Well, I'm a newer spinner, but that yarn looks darn good to me. I find my STR are often softer after a few washings, so maybe they just need a good wearing out and soaking?


yippee - a Judith class. may you swoon with the pleasure that you are sure to feel :-)
The yarn looks awesome - I'm guessing that it needs a good bath and a push or two (or ten) with a plunger (a Judith technique.. really!)
My freshly spun sock yarn is usually quite harsh until it is given a good rousing dunk.
No worries - it'll still be wonderful even if you knit with it first.
Congrats on some glorious yarn - and have a marvelous trip!!

Caroline M

Have a great time and then come back and tell us all about it.

PS looks like sock yarn to me


Lush, smush. Is beyoutiful sock yarn!


I suspect you will be in the thick with that group in a short period of time. Your yarn is fantastic!!


Glad to hear that Mr. E is healing well. Have a wonderful time this week!


I do quite like the colors tho - all those blues and greens are very pretty.

Enjoy your spinning class. You picked a really good one.


That skein looks beautiful. Maybe with handling it will end up feeling as good as it looks. Now you just go have yourself a fabulous time at SOAR!


I am so jealous of your SOAR trip! Let me know the root of your sock yarn problems - I just had the same experience with a 3-ply sock yarn.


Color me green - both the yarn and SOAR are making me envious...
SOAR is on my Do-Before-I-Die list. Someday... Have a fabulous time!

Melissa G

The yarn LOOKS beautiful, will anticiptate progress pics. Enjoy SOAR!


I've done two ply and three ply tests with my spun-for-socks singles and have always liked the texture of my two-plies better (strange because with spun-for-sweaters yarn I almost always prefer 3 ply) in terms of the hand the yarn has after I finish. But I agree completely with Teyani -- if you haven't given it a good soak yet, do so! For my handspun sock yarn it always results in an almost magical transformation.


Ooh, ouch. What does one knit to psychically heal an Achilles tendon? I'm glad the surgery went well, at least.

Gorgeous yarn. Great way to spend a week. So. jealous. You know the green mohair I'm working with? That jealous. Leaving little jealous hairs on all the furniture. Have a wonderful time.


The yarn is lovely. Great colors!!! I can't wait to see this live and in person (hint, hint). Hope you are well. Say hello to the patient.


Your sock yarn is lovely, but I agree that it may be underplied (this is one of my, hmm, bugaboos, for want of a better word).

Irksome though it may be, running the skein quickly through the wheel to add the missing plying twist may well help with the lushness factor. There's a sweet spot somewhere between plied exactly perfectly right (the individual fibers are parallel to the yarn direction) and somewhat overplied (my preference - I am an unabashedly woollen spinner) where you get maximum loft. I highly recommend it, even for worsted yarns, though I'd probably stray closer to the exactlyperfectlyplied end of the spectrum.

My personal opinion only, you understand.

Don't under-rate barber-poling, especially in a yarn spun from handpainted rovings. Check out some of the Trekking XXL colourways if you don't believe me: four plies cycle through different colourways more or less independently for gorgeous subtle stripes.

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