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Mmmmmmmm - mojito! The mask is fun even without one.

Caroline M

How did it get to be half way through the alphabet already? Too scary for words.


At one time I thought to collect faces and masks. They are fascinating.

Cheryl S.

Raspberry mojito! Sounds intriguing. We had a strawberry caipirinha the other day, which was quite nice.


Cool mask. And don't feel bad, I'm only on L!


Maybe if you stop drinking those margaritas and mojitos you could catch up.....just a suggestion! Seriously, I've never had a mojito and have only had margaritas once....after the Garden Club Plant Sale I ran in which a mini tornado sent the tent flying into the parking lot for the elderly housing complex, nearly killing three customers. Fun times. Good margaritas!


Margaritas would indeed make the 'livin' just a bit easier :-)


When you get back to Chicago, be sure to head to Frontera Grill for a Margarita. Their Blue Agave Margaritas are my favorite anywhere. Even after several years spent living in San Antonio a lifetime ago.


I hadn't noticed that many of the best drinks start with "M". Martinis, margaritas, mojitos, mimosas, mint julips. Yum, is it cocktail hour yet??

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