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What a beautiful beach!

Ice dropped down the cleavage has helped me out many a hot time.


Yeah, but the melting ice just tickles my belly button.

I'm on vacation these next two weeks, but I have to confess that when I drove away from work this afternoon, I thought, you know, being in air-conditioing all day isn't so bad.


Wow, every time you post I am envious... The beads, the Cape, the swordfish... sigh.


I can't tell you how much I need me some beach...heading for Hampton Beach/Portsmouth, NH next weekend to sortie with the Utah crowd and to babysit the female grandchild. Might just walk some beach!


I see that beach photo and just wonder how you can not LOVE summer!


I'm an ice storm, cup of cocoa, cat in the lap kind of person myself.

The mylar sails are very popular now. I haven't rigged any -- would hope they don't weigh as much as canvas! Just the lack of mildew would please me; walking past the yacht club on a damp day is intense.

Were you the one with the harpoon?


Summer is that magic time that passes in a dream of heat, sweat, tall glasses of iced tea, and beach time. Then it is back to the Real World of Woolens and Cold Feet.


Looking at the last photo of the beach on the Cape with the slight choppiness of the water and the dune grasses swaying is making me feel cooler already. Love the "oven-braised brain" analogy. My hummers have vanished. Did see a female one last week.

Caroline M

Heat, what is that? I wore a cardigan twice this week, it's rained every day and the sky is grey. I'd like just a couple of days of your weather to make me grateful for my own.


I'm liking summer better this year. Maybe it's the garden. Not sure. Of course, it doesn't hold a candle to Fall.


And the colors of the ocean are just perfect, too.


Don't get hummers here - no matter what bribe I use. They are smart - in the mountains in the coolth.

I could see lounging on a beach.


I'm with you about the heat. Bah. And how's a body supposed to knot or spin in it? Bah, I say.


I sing that song all. the. time. ;o)

The heat will be gone before you know it and you'll need all your handknits to keep you warm again. :o))


Those hummingbird-attracter flowers are quite pretty, and I do like the birds. Maybe if I can keep my tomatoes alive, I might consider a flowering plant somewhere, someday.


I wholeheartedly agree - I much prefer the cooler mornings and evenings of mid'fall to the hot humid stickiness of mid'summer. I used to love how the air felt after a summer thunderstorm, but now it feels like the heaviness never seems to pass (thunderstorm or not!).


love that last photo.
oven braised brain.... that sounds like the perfect description for the humidity and heat wave you all have had. my my, I remember the heat waves in New England.
The ocean is the perfect remedy.


Oh the last photo is glorious! I can certainly relate to the idea of oven-braised brain. Although I was never a summer person, I think I tolerated it more when I was younger. But looking at the cooling colors of the water, and being reminded of the cooler breezes on the coast. That is refreshing.


try living in florida :-(


I completely understand where you are coming from. The humidity of this summer has been such a drain. Give me a cool, crisp sunny fall day!

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