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I haven't done the meme, but I have enjoyed reading what everyone else has to say. Would the ski house be in Utah or CO? (Yes, that is a loaded question.)


This is one of those memes that's actually interesting to read. I enjoyed your answers.

Marcia  Cooke

And would that ski house (I'm guessing Utah) have guest bedrooms for non-skiing fiber friends? I've never eaten a dried fig...

Cindy D

I've not been reading blogs in a while so I'm catching up today. Let me say your peony and lupine pics are glorious.

Etherply is a wonderful contribution to the spinning world. I'll have to check out how to use it.

Thanks for contributing your answers to the meme. I like answer 5!!! Where's the chocolate for answer 3????


I like your answer to #5 as well. I always tell people that if I won the lottery, the first thing I'd buy would be a fax machine so I could fax in my resignation.

Make sure that ski house has plenty of room for visitors. You could have one big perpetual knitting party.


I find it interesting that you and Lorette would retire. Honestly, I don't think I would -- I'd just take fewer cases.


Didn't know you'd lived in Faribault. I went to college in Northfield.

Interesting answers.


Let me know if you buy the ski house - we'll all show up for a spin/knit party :-)

I didn't realize that you didn't knit or spin 10 years ago....


You lived in Fairibault and beadlizard went to Carleton (or St. Olaf, but probably the former)? Amazingly small world, eh?

I am having fun reading everyone's responses to this meme. It is definitely one of the better ones.

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