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Marcia  Cooke

Sock Yarn=Colossus. I love it! Unfortunately, how true. Mine now takes up two under-the-bed storage boxes. We won't talk about the rest of it, 'kay?


How wonderful to see Manise and her knitting! The scarf is beautiful (and so fun).
It's amazing how much one can accomplish in 10 minutes (it's always more, eh?) of spinning a day. Maybe we will get through our mounds of fiber if we keep at it.


I love your analogy about fleece and airplanes! Manise finished Fickle Fingers - hooray!


I am currently on a sock-knitting binge -- six pairs since the end of tax season, and no end in sight. My sock yarn stash is looking... depleted. And that is A Good Thing.

That fawn alpaca in the middle photo is yummy. It cries out to be a scarf, a shawl, a hat. Pretty much anything you want to make of it, actually.

Caroline M

Both yarns look gorgeous, you must be very pleased with how they've turned out. It must be something in the air - I spent this afternoon sorting out the fibre. I didn't get as far as cataloging it, I save that for when it's getting out of hand and at the moment everything is under control.


You are so right: that scarf was mandatory blogging.

Someday I may have a Year of Order, but I'm not rushing into anything.


Nice, consistent grist, but more twist please! In the singles and in the ply. Email me your snail addy and I'll send you some snippets to illustrate my words.


The spinning looks lovely. As does our friend in her gorgeous scarf.


I could use a Year of Order - but I'd probably break out in hives.

Manise and Fickle Fingers make a great pair!


Blogging by proxy, huh? Manise's scarf is lovely!


Awesome skeins! And a wonderfully written post. Blogging by proxy-hehehe. Too funny. And thank you my friend for the compliment :-) Particulars below.

Pattern: Fickle Fingers Scarf by Gaele Roehm
Published in: Interweave Knits, Winter 2005
Yarn: Spunky Eclectic Classic 220 in 'Orchard'
Needle: Size 8
Comments: I used the regular thin fingers which looks the best with a worsted weight yarn. A great pattern esp with variegated yarn! Already have a second one on the needles. A very addictive knit.


Oops. I forgot yardage of yarn. I used every bit of 2 skeins of the 220 Classic = 440 yds.


Oops. I forgot yardage of yarn. I used every bit of 2 skeins of the 220 Classic = 440 yds.


Yeah - I'm trying to get it a bit more under control here too. Between my fiber and shop fiber, and my yarn and shop yarn, and patterns (you get the drift....), it's a little daunting.


I had to tidy the stash for the new floor. Okay, I wanted to fondle everything as I moved it out of the workroom. After all that realization I still bought more fleece and yarn. I'm not sure a catalog would do me any good. I'd probably see the lack of something and have to remedy it.


I love the Manise post - I've wished for a long time that she had a blog. I'm a secret admirer.


Lovely spinning - and lovely scarf! ;o)


Nice spinning! Nice scarf! I wrote down all (well, most) of my fiber a few weeks ago - three and a half pages of lined notebook paper. I think I might have enough for a week or two.


There's something to be said for Bunny Crack :)

I love that picture of Manise!!


Manise is so beautiful ... and I've been coveting that scarf for a long, long time.


Love your analogies - and I totally concur - my fleece/yarn piles are enormous (hmmm, makes me wonder what truly IS at the bottom :-)

Lovely FO Manise - and how fun that you share a photo of her.


You are a far far better woman than I, my friend.

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