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thanks for the most excellent wine review -
and that foxglove is astonishing!


That is a gorgeous foxglove! All I've got are the ordinary pinky-mauve originals.


Any chance you can divulge the name of the hole-in-the-wall spot in Cambridge where you found that great wine?


Thanks! I always learn something from your wine talk. (And, umm, I second the request for the name of the restaurant!)


I wonder if I can find it in Utah. Sounds lovely!

Marcia  Cooke

My, those foxglove are beeeyoutiful! Will have to pass that wine along to the Old Man. I don't do red.


Our fun wine this last week was 2003 Aptos Creek Pinot. The other vintages are okay, but the 2003 is wonderful. (And DH is friends with the owner of the vineyard.)


That wine sounds great and the price is certainly reasonable.


Wine and flowers....it doesn't get much better, does it? Your foxglove is stunning!

I think I may have to give that wine a try :)


I can't believe how huge those flowers look! I love the colors in them too. (And when I first popped in, I thought you were going on to discourse about digitalis.....)

Beth S.

I always take a wine recommendation from you very seriously. Thanks! :-)


Love that didge! And your wine review. Makes me want to order some. But I confess: I have difficulty ordering something that shipping ups the price by almost 60%. I'd rather spend the money on gas to drive to the store, and sight see as well. Who knows? I might just do that.


Who knew foxglove had uvulae? I think I need some. Foxglove, I mean: I find one uvula sufficient.

Cheryl S.

I'm going to have to see if that wine's available here - if not, I'm out of luck since it's a felony to ship wine to Utah. But I did bring home a nice Barolo from Italy, but it needs to sit another couple of years before we open it.


Put me down as a HUGE fan of Wine of the Week. Mmmm. Wine.

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