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They do look like they're having fun!


That is an *amazing* photo.


That's so cool!

Marcia  Cooke

But, where are you and Mr. E?!


You travel to some of THE best places!

Lee Ann

There is nothing like being dipped by someone who knows how to dip AND cope with a leg wrapped around him.

Except for a man who drops you when he dips you, which is decidedly not spreading the joy, you dig...

Oddly, it really is the woman's responsibility not to be dropped. Same with being lifted...she has to hold herself exactly just so, and make the "exactly just so" work with the man's position, in a heartbeat. So I guess I got some muscle controlling to learn, eh? :-)

Interesting almost-typo: "in a heartbleat." I think I am fibre-deprived...

Thanks for the beauty of the dance. Just gorgeous.


What fun!


How fun! Ballroom dancing -- okay Latin dancing lessons are on my LL.

Rachel H

I've always wanted to learn to swing dance really well. It just looks like so much fun.


What fun!


Oh, I wish I could dance! Or more precisely, I wish I had the courage to dance!


what a great J post!

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