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Mmmm. I love me some hot stuff.


Very pretty they are, too. The older I am the more I like heat in my food.


Ooh, those are pretty. Those ought to last a decent while, too.


Love the photo! I just got a couple kinds of hot peppers to plant (yeah, I know, I'm late this year). Definitely not for me but the daughter's BF (BF-in-law?) requested them.

Marcia  Cooke

My middle son would love those! I've never planted Thai Dragons, but got into the New Mexico style hots last year and have mostly those ready to plant this year. Nu Mex Joe Parkers, Ancho Poblanos, Anaheims and a few others. I've got a new Burpee variety (Hot Yellow Lemon) that isn't doing well, but sounded promising. Great "I"!

Beth S.

With a name like that, I bet they truly are incendiary! Do you have to wear gloves to chop them? ;-)


They are such cute little peppers!


They are such cute little peppers!


"incendiary" AND "conflagration" in the same post?? You are my hero.
Great I post. great photo. Lurvs me those hot peppers!

Stacey aka The Loom Whisperer

They look wonderful. Yum! I need to plant hot peppers this year.


In my twenties I was doing some mending and put the needle in my mouth for a moment and was SURPRISED! I had used it to string peppers in my teens...

Seed source for the Thai peppers? Cross section to show the thickness fo their flesh??? Please?


Those are beautiful! And I am most certainly not allowed to eat them.


I loves me some "hot". They are fun to grow and pretty in the pot. They are also fun to string.

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