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Was it really only a week ago? Glad to see you buying something other than blue!


Someday, I'm going to figure out how to be in two places at one time. Glad you had fun, wish I'd been part of it, but I was having fiber fun too, so I can't complain. Oh, wait. This is me. Of course I can complain!


Ready and waiting for more. Cummington looks like THE spot, outside of Rhinebeck, for the best fiberpeople spotting.


Of course, I like the blue and green! But I'm also trying to deepen my appreciation for the orange/brown family, and the berry bark color is a fine choice.

Marcia  Cooke

I had the ultimate case of camnesia: mine got left home on the kitchen counter. And I didn't buy a speck of fiber in any form....just books. (I snagged Lisa Lloyd sock book, written with Barb Parry's photos and using FoxSox yarn! And got Melissa Morgan-Oates' book on two socks at a time.)


if i didn't like you so much i'd have to hate you. so so very envious of all you new englanders ;-)

Caroline M

That looks like fun but I'm not jealous because I get to walk among the sheepies in 26 days from now. Not that I'm counting or anything.

I would recognise Cassie from her knitwear alone.


Such lovely colors - and it looks like a fabulous event - small enough to be cozy, large enough to have great fiber. what could be better!

Hmmm - computer glitches seem to be in the air - I just replaced mine with a rebuilt one a couple weeks ago.


Yay! Orange! (and red! Yay!) ;op

It was wonderful to see you. :o)


Love the spindle fiber shot! I'm way behind on my ABC's too. Nice recap.


Oh, but I will: it'll have stunning color and that "how did she get THERE?" unique perspective. Thanks for the Cummington pix! They are beautiful. (tiny sigh) (and having sighed, moves on)


Oh, how fun! It was a terrific day.


Oh my......you came home with some wonderful stuff! I LOVE the orange fiber!

Beth S.

Oh my goodness...! If I couldn't be there to purchase Berry Bark, I'm glad that it went home with someone deserving and properly appreciative. :-) What a surprisingly good eye you have for the non-blue parts of the spectrum! :-)


Glad you're recognizing that Blue is not the only color. That Berry Bark is gorgeous.

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