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I was pretty happy to be holding the Wooly Babe. I don't mind being obscured by such cuteness!


Of course Terry was knitting her hat the day before! Everyone is having so much fun, can't help but feel envy. Impressed, too by Connie's prowess in spinning!

(formerly) no-blog-rachel

Whyohwhyohwhy did I not discover knitting/spinning/fiber before I moved away from VT? The fiber festivals look fab!


Thanks for posting such a good photo of Marcy.

Three cheers for Connie!

Marcia  Cooke

One of these years I have to get to New Hampshire! Barb Parry's stuff is the best.....I hope she has something left for Massachusetts!


Yipee for Connie -- I'm impressed -- spun the whole way home, huh!


Sounds like the bug has bitten Connie. Hard.


love it - blog while being blogged... too funny (and yes, it seems to have reached epic proportions around our community)
Your swag looks grand.
wish I was there.


Connie has been bitten but good! Another one officially enabled!

Madame Purl

That Foxfire booth was gorgeous. I could've gotten a big bag and taken it all home with me. :)


I love the "snap crackle pop" description. It's so true! Glad you had a great time.


I wish I were in the in crowd. [ignore me; I'm having a bad day]

Beth S.

I'm so proud of Connie! :-) And of you, for wearing her down. ;-) ;-) ;-)


What a great festival NH is! I had such a good time.


You got Saturday, I got Sunday... we were like nupps passing in the night. One of these Weds I will catch up with you.

Should we start a pool on how long it'll take you to wind Connie around a wheel?

Cindy D

Looks like you had a wonderful time at NH. Your purchases are requesting I touch them. I wasn't able to make the festival and buy more yarn and fiber which I desperately need !!


Those Foxfire batts just might be the thing that gets me out of bed and arriving at the fairgrounds well before my usual noon...


As always, late to the comment party, but it was wonderful to see you again. What a great time.


Oh, my. I am green with envy!

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