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The soil is in your blood. You cannot escape its draw. Peonies remind me of my grandmother and the large garden she had just for Memorial Day. This year they would not have been ready.


My parents are hardcore gardeners, my garndmothers gardened, and one of the great-grandfathers was a seed salesman. Maybe I really better go weed the garden today.


Gorgeous. I love the deep pink ones. :o)

My grandmother was a first-class gardener. She had six kids so it was cheaper to grow the veggies than it was to buy them - and she had six kids to help with the weeding. Her veggie garden was bigger than my house. She also had about 25 herbaceous peonies and a rose garden that dated back to when the farm came into our family (about 125 years ago). I'm proud to continue her gardening tradition and I'm glad she saw some of my efforts before she passed. :o)


Gardening has been the connection between my mother and me. At times it's the only source of peace between us.


My mom is a wonderful gardener too. She even does things like build her own stone walls. I wish I liked gardening, but I don't. As a result, we have a kind of scruffy looking lawn and some scraggly bushes. Not bad enough for the neighbors to hate us, but compared to the guy across the street, we're shabby. Did I mention that he works for a landscaper? Yeah, we'll never stack up ...

Cheryl S.

How lovely! I never had much luck with tree peonies, which is a shame - they're so pretty.

Marcia  Cooke

My mother's idea of gardening was sticking some geraniums in the window boxes at the beach cottage, my grandmother hated dirt under her fingernails, so I have no idea where I got it. I love your tree peonies. I love any peonies.


My mother was an avid gardener and I got that from her. She had a wonderful garden in Greece where I grew up- lavender hedges along the gravel walkway to the front door, large bed of periwinkle blue and also white bearded irises, dinner plate dahlias, a yellow climbing rose over the front gate, my birthday tree- Japanese pittosporum tobira which bloomed on my birthday without fail, an eastern redbud that we used to climb, 2 pomegranate trees, bridal's wreath (spirea), daylilies, a large trellis/ arbor outside the kitchen door which had a huge wisteria vine and flowers that hung like grapes and annuals galore tucked in here and there. All of this in a really small space. Remind me to bring photos of it next time I see you.


Your tree peony is stunning! Great texture in her petals.


Lovely tree peonies.
My grandmother and great Uncle were avid gardeners, and my Mom loves it too. I feel such a connection with my ancestors when I garden.


Like swirls of lustrous pink silk. I love it.

Beth S.

I do believe I may need one of those peonies myself. I'm sure I can find a spot for it... ;-) Especially if it's a fragrant one. mmmm.

Lovely shot! The blossom almost looks shy, or coy.

Cindy D

ah....the color of peonies inflames the senses!!

O.....BTW.....you've been tagged for a meme;see my blog for details.


Bee u ti ful!!!!! What a pretty peony!!


I love it -- gorgeous! You'll be happy to hear that I gardened all day yesterday and wore GLOVES. The surgical type, though, because I need to feel what I'm doing.


I have peonies envy!

(I confess, I stole that from Roxie. Who wouldn't?)

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