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Beautiful colors and texture...perfect for Project Spectrum.
Looking forward to hearing more about everything!

Caroline M

I did wonder about the sweater but didn't like to ask.


See you on Saturday? :)


I canNOT wait to see you! It's been way too long and I need me a Laurie fix.


Those *are* lovely colors.

Marcia  Cooke

You go get your fiber fix. Me? I'm going to get a grandbaby fix! Alas, a week too late for MDSW! I will have to explain to this kid's parents how this thing works!


heh, i know how you feel ;-)


Like how you "doctored" the title to decrease the chances of rather interesting google hits-hehe. Saturday will be fun!


Beautiful! If you had not said that it was a tree trunk, I would have easily thought it a lovely mossy rock outcropping.

Beth S.

Twelve bobbins of singles!!! And all of them grey, I wager. That's impressive... I'd kind of like to see that, actually.


Those are gorgeous colors. Process is good.

Lee Ann

I can get it up but I can't put it down. On a post, that is...


There is a wine I've been enjoying lately that is from the Jeanjean winery in...Languedoc somewhere...run by two sisters, and there's a sheep on the bottle. It's not expensive but it tastes like cinnamon and oak. Uses syrah grapes, for the most part, and wow, is it ever good. I think of you when I drink it, and your insistence that you can pay a hell of a lot for a bad wine, and not much for a good one, if you're willing to experiment.

Really nice to see you barking. Uh...yeah. You know what I mean. :-)


But we like it when you post! [that's the royal we, obviously. I don't capitalize "we" when I'm trying to appear plebian.] And you do not do it nearly often enough. There's a good knitter, just transform yourself into somebody entirely different, someone who posts a lot, just for my amusement, OK?


lovely tree bark.
and you know, we all sometimes hit that place where there isn't much to say.
come back when you are ready - we'll all be here :-)


The colours in that photograph are all my favourites. What a lovely thing.


Its OK you kno, to not speak until you're ready, to percolate and work and think on your own time and terms. Can't wait to see you.


You've sure had me fooled! Here I thought you were so nice, and now I find out you have a dirty dirty mind!

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