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This is not the time of year to assess the lawn...it is just starting to reawaken. A week or two should reveal what is needed as the green will start to come into view. Ours are just stretching with a yawn towards the sun.
Manise's eye will save you time and angst. The spinning looks marvelous as will the socks!


Lantern Moon replaced by broken dpn via email. I bet the company would fix this for you.

Marcia Cooke

You mean thing with that measly Golding BOBBIN, for Pete's sake!


Your first paragraph is priceless. I'd call it martini brain, though, not monkey brain.


On the other hand, EZ pointed out that you could often get by with that degree of incremental difference if one or two needles in your set are of a different size.


Your sheep to shoe will yield some lovely socks. I'm spinning some sock yarn that defies photography -- blue, brown, green, but all very dark -- but I'm only going for a two-ply. I'm into the second bobbin, and hoping to finish it soon!


Martini brain, monkey brain. It's all the same thing. Unless you drink enough martinis, in which case the monkey brain stops entirely.

Yikes on the needles. I had that happen with my Knitpicks Options, but Lantern Moon? You'd think they're spendy enough to be marked accurately.

The Lapis is lovely stuff.


I couldn't believe it when the needle gauge confirmed my suspicion. Glad we got to the bottom of it before you went completely lulu repeatedly swatching.

The Sheep 2 Shoe singles look awesome my dear! I should unearth mine out of stash.


That is some lovely spinning.

Ah, monkey mind. I know it well.


Seriously, the needle thing makes me nuts. Inox needles (which I prefer for lace) are consistently easily a half-size smaller than their marked size. Thank goodness for needle gauges.


I've been eyeballing the sheep to shoe roving, but leery of the price - would you say its worth it - is the prep as good as their dye jobs are?

Beth S.

Fascinating! I wonder how common these kinds of quality control issues are, and how many failed projects are the result. I want to go home now and put all my needles through the sizer... I bet I'd find at least one pair like that.

And I am seriously impressed with Manise's visual acuity. Wow!


Oh, go ahead and whine in public. I do on my blog (which may be why hardly anyone reads it) and if you did it, I'd have company. This has been such a long, hard winter and such a slow, cold spring, we all should be whining boodles. We need a Knitbloggers Whining Boodles Day, a public disgorgement of general crankiness amongst the pointy-wielding masses.

OK, now I feel better.


Hmm...you have grass? I have been whinning for weeks about lack of grass, dirty snow...and on and on, it's ok for you to whine too :-)

Scary about the needles, I never thought to check either.


My lawn is a foot tall and a deep green. Need to go to Home Depot and buy a weedeater and rake...

Needle gauges can lie, too. None of mine agree.


love love love that spinning. The colors are divine. It will probably end up being fairly muted and heathered looking as a three ply - which will be awesome for socks.
Whining is acceptable every now and then- I think we all want to every once in awhile.
But, I agree.. blogs aren't always the best choice.
feel free to call if you need an ear.


A book report on Peter Rabbit, a book report on Peter Rabbit...

That's what happened with my pink/white BFL. I decided to use the Doris Day method (que sera, sera). (I think that is Latin for "what lovely bodily fluids," but I digress.) You saw how that turned out. Let your conscience be your guide.


Think about SOAR...


email or call lantern moon.
and take a nap ;-)


Manise is awesome! And I always eyeball, but have a shorter foot!


I've had that experience too! I bought a set of dpns - not from Lantern Moon - and one was much larger than the others. It prompted me to go measure my other sets, and sure enough, there were several other sets that included needles of different sizes. :P

And I second Vanessa: naps are Good. :)


Yeah, my Addi circs are different sizes than the equivalent bamboo dpns. My ancient set of Boye interchangeables are different sizes than my Knit Picks Options. To top it off, my needle gauges -- from two different manufacturers -- do not agree.

Que sera sera, indeed.

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