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Caroline M

Happy birthday Mr E. You may not believe this but I have just photographed a cake to send to you because you are one day younger than my son. He thinks that's the way it works anyway and he's eight tomorrow so you must be eight today.

Mrs E - I am a no purl Monkey knitter but that's just because all knits are very much faster for me than a knit/purl combo


Your first colour work looks great! Don't judge yourself too harshly. Even with optimum tension stranded work puckers a bit until blocked. A warm bath does wonders. Take the mitten with you.

ps Happy Birthday Mr. E!


Happy Birthday Mr. E! I hope the frosty face in the pic is just the result of skiing on a snowy day, and not a faceplant!

I have problems with the purl at the beginning of the needle, too, but I've found the looseness/laddering always blocks out. Looks awful while I'm working on it, but I've learned to ignore that. Pretty yarn - I hope it finds its way back to the needles soon.


Happy Birthday, Mr. E!

I, too, and a super-tight knitter, and I, too (like Catherine) have found that the laddering is a temporary problem that comes out in the wash later.


A hearty Happy Birthday to Mr. E from the two of us in Utah!!
Some balls of yarn are never meant to be knit...that's just how the universe works.


Happy birthday, Mr. Etherknitter! It seems like I'm forever telling people that getting older is better than the alternative--and that you don't have to count the years, you just celebrate that you're here, and loved ... and that you get cake and presents. How is that possibly a bad thing? (grin)


Happy birthday, Mr. E! Mr. Fuchsia (aka Grant) has survived that milestone nicely; if he can do it, so can you.

I love the blues. Condolences on the froggage. The solution will become obvious, but when? Ah, that is the question.


Happy Birthday to Mr. E! I do notice that in your startitis, none of those seem to be for him. Hmmm . . .


Happy Birthday, Mr. E!


Happy Birthday Mr. E.

Lovely blue yarn.


Happy Birthday Mr. E!!

I agree....life is too short to knit something that does not bring joy. I love what you ended up with...VERY nice!

Cheryl S.

Great job with your mitten! I also just recently discovered the joy of colorwork. Blocking will definitely help even out the stitches. Happy birthday to Mr. E!

Marcia Cooke

Happy Birthday, Mr. E....I'll bet mine just past beats yours! And I may have some interesting DV news for you in the very near future!

Teresa C

Happy Birthday Mr. Etherknitter! Hope it was all he wanted it to be. And lucky, other Dr. E, for snatching him up!


Happy Birthday to Mr. Etherknitter! May you have many pleasant adventures this coming year.


poor little sock yarn, destined for frogging. You know, it might look nice in crosshatch lace (by Charlene Schurch). I curse those yo's before a purl as well... and just end up yanking hard on the next two stitches.
Great mittens.
Adorable hubbie - happy birthday to him!


Happy Birthday Mr. E! Hope the celebratory fun went off without hitches! He is a keeper :-) The sock suicide was inevitable it looks like. Glad the discovery was made in it's early stages. Love the starts of the new one! And you first colorwork? Beautiful!


Happy birthday, Mr. E! You're not only a day younger than CarolineM's son ... you're a day OLDER than Her Ladyship. Clearly, those born at the end of March are the Best Sort of People.


Wait a minute. Maybe you're also a day older than HL and she and Caroline's son were born on the same day (plus or minus a few years).

I confuse easily.


Happy Birthday Mr. E! The yarn will decide what it wants to be - maybe it just needs more time to rest.


Happy birthday, Mr. Etherknitter!

Don't you hate it when you unsuspectingly cast on with a ball of yarn that is pure evil?


Happy birthday to Mr. E!!!

Did I totally brainwash you into getting those mittens? Are they not a total complete hoot to knit (and fast too)??!?


Happy Birthday to Mr. Etherknitter! I hope his day was great!

Rachel H

Happy belated Birthday to Mr. E!


Happy Birthday, Mr. E!!! I'll go have a piece of birthday brownie and a cuppa in his honor. He looks adorable all frosty like that, but I hope you thawed him out before giving him a big birthday kiss.

Color knitting is You! I love your mitten!


Love the mittens - love the advice from those in the know about the blue socks (are you trying again?) and best of all - happy birthday to Mr Keeper.


Happy birthday to Mr. Etherknitter.


Happy happy birthday to Mr. E, and many more to come!

I refuse to purl at the beginning of a dpn and rearrange the stitches to avoid such things. You only live once.

Colourwork. Looks good! Don't expect the mate to match perfectly -- it takes everyone a few projects for the hands to figure it out and settle into gauge.


Happy birthday, Mr. E!!


Happy Birthday Mr E! I'm with you, Mrs - my stepdaughter was moaning about being old at 25!

Beth S.

I'm impressed by your maiden voyage into colorwork! I think it's much more difficult to do colorwork on a small-diameter project (all those frequent needle changes make it hard to strand evenly) so you should be proud of yourself.

Happy birthday to Mr. E! And remember, it's better to keep having birthdays than to stop having them. :-)


You are hilarious...the first paragraph hooked me...what a pleasure to find a great knitter, great writer, AND a physician...Mr. Wonderful couldn't have happened to one more worthy.


You know how dear I find Mr. E -- hugs to him! As for startitis, I can offer no remedy -- I have no less than FOUR socks going now, none of which I am inspired to finish!


I'm of the opinion that Mr. E. is a superhuman life form. Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Mr. Etherknitter! And the laddering purl stitch - it's a geometry size/space issue. You simply cannot get that purl stitch tight (you're always wrapping around the needle and so getting the needle circumference.) I alleviate it by not going in front of the rh needle (it makes a kind of tight yarn over) when you come to it on the next round, just adjust your yarn placement appropriately.


Happy Birthday to one of the good guys!


Happy Birthday, Mr. E!

Lee Ann

Happy Birthday, Dr. E., from someone who knows durned well the alternative sucks. And it's thanks to the Drs. E. that I get to have brain scans, dude. Because my brain still works. After a fashion.

(Umm, don't ask my husband about that last one. He thinks I have brain scans to see if I still have one.)

Lee Ann


Holy crap. A sock that tried to commit suicide.

Sock, buddy. Get a holed of yourself.


Happy Birthday to Mr. E. He's a good, good man. And you bet your ass this is better than the alternative. Give him a hug from me.


Thanks for sharing your beautiful work! To eliminate the ladder created when knitting in the round and starting a needle with a purl stitch, I place my empty needle across the top of the just completed needle. Then, after purling the first stitch, I allow the new needle tip to dip down a bit to move the new stitch even closer to the last stitch on the previous needle and give an extra tug. With this method, I've even created reverse ladders -- a row of stitches that are visibly tighter than the others. Good luck!


Happy Birthday to Mr. Ether, and I certainly believe in looking at each new birthday with a 'consider the alternative' outlook. I am glad that the mitten and the other sock are going better... is the yarn cursed?


Happy belated b'day, Mr. E! (He IS quite the handsome guy, even with a light coating of ice!)

The blue yarn is gorgeous. Perhaps the curse could be lifted if it were in my stash instead of yours? ;-)


hi! That stitch that wanted to stick out in such an unsightly way? Perhaps giving it the Monkey treatment - where there is a yarnover (or something like that - maybe there is a better idea?) right before that to make some space? I realize that a lacey hole might not be the most desirable thing, but if your friend's assessment as to the reason is the problem, making space for it in some way would be a solution. Just a thought.

And Happy Belated Birthday, Mr. E!

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