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You'll probably hear from United when Mr. Chest Pain sues them!

When Jack Creighton was CEO, you would have gotten a handwritten personal note.

mary lou

Don't you love that you are not considered a paying customer? NWA told me that once. How the hell do they think we get those frequent flier miles? And nice to know I am not the only one who has picked up for the gusset without turning the heel...

Caroline M

Kill the Noro sock, knitting is supposed to be fun. Rip it and promise it a future as a shawl someday.

I hope that you checked that the gentleman in economy had paid for his ticket rather than cashing in his airmiles?


United might think that you are unworthy of their services, but I bet Mr. Chest Pain will be grateful, and that's what counts, right?


Hate to say it, but I'm not sure Delta is that much better. Rising fuel costs + deregulation + overemphasis on price = race to the bottom of the customer-service heap.

As for the sock, I agree with the advice to rip: life is too short and too full of hassles as it is.


What an ordeal! Thank goodness for Mr. Chest Pain that you two were there.


All part of the reason I make sure to pop a Xanax before I get on a plane. Doesn't matter who's flying it!

How is Mr. Chest Pain? You guys ROCK! Are you sure you won't come down here and administer my spinal? PRETTY PLEASE?!?!


Lucky for Mr Chest Pain that you 2 were there! Holy cow.

I occasionally attend the annual staff dinner meeting, and about ~500+ of our physicians go on any given year. I keep thinking that the dinner would be a great place to have a heart attack or something. I mean, if you had to have a heart attack at all.


Good for you for taking care of Mr. Chest Pain, and shame on United and all the rest of the airline companies. 'Course, that could be my fear of flying talking, but there we are.


I think United should refund your fare and give you certificates for a free first class flights anywhere they fly.

I only hope that if (God forbid) I am ever on a flight and have medical issues, that you and Mr. Etherknitter will be on the same flight.


Please tell me Mr. Chest Pain was thankful. I haven't flown since pre 9/11 and with every airline story I hear I remember why.


You and Mr E. are saints. It was so wonderful to spend time with you. I feel like the luckiest person on the planet. Give up the sock....sucky knitting isn't worth the effort. DO SOMETHING FUN! There is nothing wrong with giving up on bad yarn and unenjoyable patterns. In fact it's your duty to knit fun.
Oh and I KNEW it was Hoyt. I love Hoyt, too.

Marcia Cooke

I have to agree with Lucia about Delta. My son flies D often and has many complaints. We have NEVER had a problem with AA and absolutely adore Southwest. Worth the trip to Manchester or Providence...just saying. But at least you got there and had some snow!

Beth S.

You Etherknitters rock. Saving lives at 30,000 feet!

The key to happiness with United is becoming a Global Services member. My husband used to fly to Asia for business all the time, and boy were they ever good to him once he racked up enough long-haul miles to qualify... but now he's mostly flying domestically, so we're peons again. ;-)


United bites big big rocks. Alas, I think we have to move to Denver so the DH can fly them more often.


Wow, what an exciting story! Very Grey's Anatomy!


well mr. chest pains was lucky you two were there to help him.


You two are heroes! Even if UA won't admit it. And, as for the Noro sock. Why waste time on something that isn't giving you enjoyment? I finally gave myself permission to throw Rogue into the frog pond. Rogue needs company! Toss that sock in there!!!!


Hoyt Axton! I can't believe I forgot about Hoyt Axton! Thanks for reminding me. And than you for saving that man's life, even if United can't be bothered to thank you.


The Drs. E. are my heros. Two thumbs WAY down for United. Regarding the scarf, there is mindless and then mind-numbing -- sounds like it may be the later.


I used to love air travel. But in recent years, they've dehumanized it to the point where I hate doing it (it's not that I'm afraid, it just feels like I'm violated and have to fight for everything I need.)


I hope you've written this letter TO United. Not that they'd probably notice. Ugh.


How does it feel to be a hero (pair). I agree with everyone else--it was lucky for Mr. Chest Pain that you were there, and I can't believe you didn't get any recognition at all from the airline. Let's just hope you don't get a bill for insisting on all that extra expense in making an extra landing!


such total lack of humanity and customer service makes me never want to step foot on a plane again.
I'd write an article for the Boston Globe, get it published and send a copy of it to the PR dept at United...... might get some 'attention' (seeing as how your writing style is fabulous)
and the sock... I'd be playing the funeral durge on that one..
I think that you are due for some sort of delightful fabulous engaging knit.


Wow, wow and double wow....how lucky for Mr. Chestpain that you were both on board!! I have to say that the quality of service on planes has really declined in the last few years :(


Hip, Hip, Hurray for Drs. Etherknitter! United have always sucked. Our first and last experience was on our honeymoon 20 years ago.


Customer service for airlines has really gone downhill. While I like flying I hate the headaches that it creates.

Mr. Chest Pain was lucky to have you on board. Stupid crew not knowing that they should divert.

Robin Scanlon

Quit United Airlines. I walked from my miles and went with American. I haven't looked back. While American has its shortcomings, United is awful. I don't what it will take for us to get good service from our domestic carriers. Food? You want food???


I keep doing that = thinking I want a mindless project and then 30% of the way through I want to stab myself in the eye. And yet I can't seem to start anything more challenging. Slow learners.

I feel that way about Northwest - just donated my miles with them to charity and wrote the relationship off.

Teresa C

Yeah, I hope that the guy made it and was thrilled at his luck to have the Drs. Etherknitter on board. The least you could have gotten after that is a meal!

Did you frog the sock yet?


Unbelievable. I thought my last flight, when the BO of the man next to me was so overwhelming that I couldn't knit, was bad... Is there really a good airline, I'm not sure. I think you and Mr. Ether are heroes.


I work for United Airlines and am so sorry you had such a poor experience with the upgrade and no expression of appreciation for you and your husband's extraordinary efforts. On behalf of the many hard-working, caring employees I work with, I extend our apologies.


DD and I agree you two are amazing and wonderful and we would love it if you moved out here and worked at Stanford...

Rip the sock already. Your hands are precious.

Hoyt Axton -- Saw him play in Montana a long time ago. Great fun!

Cindy D

You and Mr E are special people.I assume that UA has no clue about what you contributed to their flight.

Their loss and Mr. Chest Pain's gain.


I feel your pain. But honestly, you really need to write a handwritten letter to United. It can be typed, and perhaps you can copy several people on it. But mail a paper letter; don't send it electronically. And explain the whole fiasco, about the tickets and Mr. Chest Pain and everything. At the very very least, United should give you guys free round-trip tickets anywhere in the States. If they're nice, they will give you a set of round-trip tickets worldwide. That is standard procedure. Btw, I am shocked that they allowed your husband to land without a seatbelt! That is blatantly against FAA regulations. Maybe you should mention THAT in your letter! Good luck.

Bookish Wendy

I agree, send the letter. Actually - just send this post. This kind of feedback is important and justified. I hate the airlines. All of them. ;)


Those are some useful skills that you and Mr. E. have. Nicely done.

Sil is flying again, out of the Boston base. I'm sure she'd love to have you guys on her plane.


Wow, that clinches it. I'm not ever using my miles to upgrade! What good is it if you don't even get the meal??? (Not to mention if you have to spend your flight administering medical attention...) I'm glad Utah treated you better than United Airlines!


The Consumerist is having some sort of final four thing with the worst companies in the world .. United is one. Now I know why.

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