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Perfect "E" my friend! Never realized there was a statue in Boston celebrating it. I've learned something new today. :-)


I hear there's a room at MGH still preserved as another monument to ether. Lovely photos, by the way.


Beautiful! "E" has been a rich letter in the ABC-Along. I love it. Thank you.


Great lesson on ether - I had no idea. I am reminded of The Cider House Rules, however.


Super interesting. Thanks for posting this. I had no idea there was so much controversy around ether. The Cider House Rules - such a great book.

Teresa C

Makes you wonder of that which is controversial today will be acceptable, with no general knowledge of the fight it was to make it so, in another 150 years.


I love a woman who not only writes beautifully but includes a footnote on her blog post. You rock!


I've never seen that one. Will go looking for it in the spring.


This is the BEST E!


I was just going to say, "Wasn't that your E for the LAST abc-along?" and then you linked to it, so of course it was ... still interesting, though!


Thank goddess we live in the day we do. Many of would already be dead and gone. Great E, once again.


Footnotes! My soulmate. Thanks for the story. I'll have to go check out the monument. I don't think I've looked at this one too carefully.

Marcia Cooke

Wonderful, perfect E....and just in the nick of time, I might add! ( It's going to take me all of the next two weeks to come up with an F!)


Fascinating. Remember the M*A*S*H episode where they run out of pentothal (I think) and have to use ether instead, and they have nurses passing out left and right from the fumes?

I had nitrous oxide once for the removal of four teeth. Each one was a little more noticeable, and the last one definitely hurt, but I didn't remember it that well afterward.


I, for one, having had multiple surgeries during which I would NOT have wanted to be conscious, truly appreciate anesthesia. :)

Caroline M

I shall add this to the list of "interesting things I've found out from knitting blogs". Thank you for giving me a different thought in my day.


Great "E" Laurie... okay, so now I finally get the name of your blog (duhhh.. call me very silly....) I just figured out that you're an anesthesiologist. (giggles on this end) My Dad is too. Thanks for the great photos and great sotry :-)

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