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You have summed up my entire United experience.
It sounds like the rest of the trip was magical, though.


The weather was much the same in Utah last week. Because you had so many projects on hand there was alway something, of some sort, to knit, right? Thank goodness for new friends...they made your trip more enjoyable for many, many reasons!
Your pictures are magnificent.


I'm glad you were able to reach your destination safely and so happy to hear that the snow was to your liking!

Caroline M

Concentrate on the positives - hurrah for snow and successful skiing. You don't know that I have one of your photos as the background on my computer (V is for vertical from last year) and it is just possible that you've come up with its replacement.

Marcia Cooke

I'm SO glad that you got to enjoy those ski conditions! The photos are wonderful. I only had something close to that experience once in my brief time skiing, and I'm sure it was not so good: Stratton in a snowstorm. You take what you can get! Loved your "B", too, by the way, although it never showed up on my bloglines.


I'm so glad you enjoyed your ski trip. Cold is not for everyone, but you remind me that it's not all bad! (I type this as I sit wrapped in a wool scarf AND a wool shawl.)


Yup, they've been saying on the Denver news for the last couple of weeks, the skiing is phenomenal. IF you can get there.


Exquisite descriptions. Thank you.


I'm sorry the transportation there was so unpleasant, but those snow pictures are making me envious.


As a kid I was dissuaded from skiing on the grounds that 1) it was too rich for our blood 2) I was not gifted with grace. Both were true, and at least one is still true, and very rarely does a writer make me want to trade the vicarious experience for the real one. This is one of those rarities.


But what beautiful pictures! The air looks so sharp and clear.


Sounds like everything else made up for the crappy travel. You almost make me want to ski....almost.


The image of you whooping and yipping and swooshing through all that lovely powder snow scenery makes me wish I could handle the cold. And makes me grin for you.


I'm not a skier, but I loved your description of going down the mountain. I can see why you love it so.

Glad you are back home safely.


Welcome home! Vail is glorious and easier to get too (I understand the minor detail that the conference is in Aspen, though).

I always overpack knitting. Without fail.


To get "to" -- oops.


Thank God the skiing made up for bad airline treatment. Pretty WIP's. Looking forward to the FO's.

Beth S.

How awful that they lost your bags, deposited you back where you started from, and offered nothing in the way of compensation! But I think that is par for the (miserable) course these days. I'm just glad to hear that the skiing afterwards was eminently satisfactory. ;-)

And I love that second picture. There is almost a spooky air about it.


Thanks for the bluebird ski day pictures. I haven't yet been this year....which is quite sad.

julia fc

and you so love to fly.

love the hat.


Glad you got to the powder! I was driving through that same blizzard going from southern Utah to Steamboat whilst you were trying to fly in to Aspen. Can only imagine what going over Vail Pass was like for you, heh. But migod, what skiing! I'd never before skied powder. now am spoiled for life. Thanks for sharing the amazing pictures...


My in-laws are in the million-mile level or whatever it is with United, simply because it was *the* airline for international business travel for a long, long time. FIL's comments about United's ability to get a person from Point A to Point B are scathing. At least your pilot didn't try to land in zero visibility...

Love the mistake rib scarf, perfect for Mr. E., and the lengthening of the bands is a great idea.


Same thing happened to my family in the summer of '01. First, mechanical problems - not confidence inspiring to see two guys crawling into the engine while it is parked at the gate. Then we took off, only to turn around and come back. Delay after delay after delay - and it was 11 PM, no replacement flight in sight. My father managed to get us a hotel voucher only after he launched into an apoplectic rage (complete with pulsing forehead veins) in front of the customer service rep. We ended up buying tickets to be driven to Aspen in a commuter van the next day.

Oh, and I wrote a letter to United after our vacation ended. I got a response maybe 8 months later - a few months after the terrorist attacks on 9/11 - and the letter essentially said something like, "We have bigger problems to deal with right now, sorry we made you lose 2 days of your vacation, thanks for being a loyal customer and don't forget to book with United when you plan your next trip!"

At least your skiing was good! :)


what incredible skiing that must have been. Your photos are fabulous.
What a journey you had! May your life continue to be filled with such grand seredipity as those flight friends and luggage found.
The scarf is stunning, and so is the hat :-)


:sigh: Soooooo pretty.

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