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Artists do tend to have strong opinions. Looks like they know their stuff.


That's an incredible picture. I think you should make that trip a reality.


Amazing. I hope you go soon so you can document all of his works and share them with us.


Great photo!


Yowza. So far you've been on a totally different plane from the rest of us. (One bound for Italy, I hope.) I can't wait to see what you come up with for C.

Beth S.

Trust you to have a B like this one. ;-) See, this is why I love coming here.


Beautiful! (And educational, too....)


What a beautiful, beautiful "B". I so hope that I get to see more of Europe someday.


I found this a very interesting post as I work in a hospital in the orthopaedic department with one of the Bernini decendents. He is a doctor that I work for.
Amazingly small world we live in.
I enjoy you blog. Thank you.


Even though I studied art history in college, I never appreciated the incredibly skill and artistry and talent needed to sculpt marble until much more recently. Love your photo.


If you can make it to LA or Ottawa, you can see lots of his work without going to Italy (not as much fun, perhap?). The bust of Costanza Bonarelli sounds especially interesting...


One of the types of art that I most admire is sculpture. I am in awe of those who can free the figure within the stone.
Lovely restoration work.
lovely photo.
fabulous B.


Wow, and what an excellent goal!


You could just come to Virginia to see a fabulous Bernini - http://collectiononline.chrysler.org/OBJECT_edit.asp?id=36432&page=1 - and I'd love to show it to you!

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