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The mittens look great! Sorry there was no snow. It's been a weird winter for sure.


Juggling snowballs, I love it!


Mr. E is a very good sport. And his mittens are lovely.


You should have gone just a little bit farther north. We've got lots of snow. Maybe next year.

Mr. E. looks marvelous in all his knit gear. Clearly, E is for Entertaining.


How wonderful to see a very happy Mr. E. in fabulous red mittens! You two know how to make the best of a not so great situation.
BTW, we got a ton of snow today.


Stranded at an Inn in Vermont with your handsome, fun lovin' fella - I hope you found something besides knitting to do. The mittens are wonderful!

Marcia Cooke

Good looking fellow, that Mr. Etherknitter, in his fine red mittens! I'm calling this winter the Curse of the Snowshoes. You know why...blame Thomas.


Sorry your trip north was a bust. The mittens are great and the photos are Mr. E are priceless.


Great photos of Mr. E in his gorgeous knitwear. He's not half bad himself, either :) (I have a weakness for snuggly-looking men with beards.) I especially like the red mittens with the red berries against the white snow.


Awesome mittens. Was tempted to make off with them still on my hands- so comfy and warm! Giggling over the reference to the "nonplussed expression on his face"! Priceless. I can so picture that!


Mr. E looks great in red.


fabulous photos of a salvaged non-ski event. being mudbound seems to have brought out the best in you and Mr. E.
lovely mitts :-)
next year there will be snow.


hm, you´re welcome to some of our snow! handsome guy and pretty mittens.
best wishes from Iceland


Sounds like you made lemonade out of lemons. And why not, with such a fetching companion!


Mr. E in his mittens....perfect!!!

Hmmm.....next time come to NH, we have LOTS of snow! :-)

Teresa C

Aw, too bad about the skiing, but the photos and the adventure are great.

Great mittens too. I love Lamb's Pride.


Hahahaha! Those pictures are cracking me up!


Wrong week, how could you know. The next week the temps fell and so did the snow. That's Mother Nature! Great pics.


Great photo shoot! Sorry mother nature is taunting you.

Beth S.

Mr. E is lucky to get those mittens! They look very squishy and warm (not to mention gloriously red.)

I'm sorry the skiing didn't work out, but you got some beautiful pictures anyway... and no visit with Judy could ever be considered wasted time.


And now we have snow aplenty. Sigh. Are those afterthought thumbs?


That is a sad mud-instead-of-snow story.

Caroline M

Well it's still a holiday even if it was brown and green rather than white. You do need snow to show off mittens like those, they are lovely action shots.


You've won an award ! Hop on over to my blog and check it out :-)

Cindy D

Hi Laurie............congrats I have also just awarded you the Make My Day award.Check out my blog.


Your post made me want to move all that much more. The pictures are gorgeous! We have had the same snow - now ice - on the ground since December. Not something that happens here. The mittens are really nice. Great color too!


Mr E looks so cute and happy, frolicing in the snow!


Sorry you didn't get much snow, but it looks like you made the best of it. Mr. E is a handsome guy in his smashing red mittens. Gotta love a man who tries to juggle snowballs.

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