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Cheryl S.

Yippee! Thank you so much.

The Cabley mittens are so cute - I've been admiring the pattern.


Your New Year Eve plans sound wonderful!! Have a wonderful evening!


Ooh, what pattern are you using for the mittens? It looks so cool! Love the bright color -- the better not to get lost!


OMG - I'm going to be having the exact same New Years experience!

It's impossible to pry him away from his "current girlfriend". Tell me - why do programmers use female names for their programs? I swear I've lost my husband to several "ladies" over the last few years; Rose, Perl, now Ruby......

Marcia Cooke

New Year's Eve has always been a non-event for us since our anniversary is the day before, and usually a more sane night to celebrate, but this year we aren't even going out to dinner. Too much travel this month, too many meals out....I'm making clam chowder tonight and pizza tomorrow! I may open some bubbly, though. Love those cabley mittens!

Caroline M

Left to my own devices I'd ignore New Year entirely and be in bed by 11 but instead I'm going to a party.

I don't think that I'd like the Noro sock yarn. I'm willing for you to experiment on my behalf and prove me wrong but so far it's not calling to me.

The mitten is lovely, I like both the colour and the pattern.


Happy New Year Laurie (and Mr. E)!


I've been holding off on the Noro Sock yarn - not sure why (probably just because there are so many colors and I can't make a choice!) Now I think I'll wait and see how yours go!
I love the mittens!


I was at a YS yesterday that had just received the Noro Sock yarn. I will enjoy watching you knit yours.

I also picked up a skein of Lambs Pride to make those same mittens. I didn't read ahead to the thumb so that will be interesting. I usually end up using a few words I shouldn't while I fix those darn holes.


Woo-hoo! Thank you to you and to Mr. Etherknitter! Happy New Year!


Mmmm. Champagne.


no party for us either. just a quiet evening hanging out. i'll probably be knitting, he'll probably be messing around in the basement.


Joyous New Year to you - I'm planning a quiet night for myself too...
Love those mitts - such a pretty pattern. I haven't done any thumbs yet - so let me know how it goes.
I have been curious about that Noro sock yarn (after my recent non-luck with Noro) thick-thin for socks might spell trouble.. hmmm.. again, keep us posted.


We are staying in this year, just the two of us. With calamari a la Nigella and a very nice bottle of New Zealand Chardonnay. We will probably be in bed before midnight too :-)
Best wishes for the new year :-)


I have heard that the sock yarn softens considerably after washing, so perhaps that would also affect the drape?

Happy New Year to you!


Interesting about the Noro sock yarn. I think those thin spots would bug me. Your New Year's Eve plans sound perfect. We've got to go out because Dale has to work with the band but, oh, I'd rather be home by the fire!


The Noro sock yarn has not drawn me in...now it shall not. A very Happy New Year to you and the peacock! ;-)


The Mr. has very good taste in colors. If you know what I mean. ;-)

And I'm totally jealous about the Noro sock yarn. I think I have some in a shopping cart online somewhere, better go order NOW....


I'll be interested to see your Noro socks once they are done. I've heard they do soften up a bit, but....it's still Noro wool, which isn't exactly soft and squishy, is it?

Happy New Year to you! Hope to see you this spring for some snow-time fun.


Happy happy New Year! :)


Love the cably mitten pattern and the color! I'll be interested in which thumb style you prefer. I recently knit the gusset style and after "wearing it in" with an Okemo a ski day, yeah, it looks more like my old style(bo and replace st).


i don't have the noro sock yarn, but i have knit socks with a fine singles from green mountain spinnery. during the knitting the yarn was scratchy and felt like wire; it was also lightly uneven. but once they were washed the fiber bloomed and they are one of my favorite pair . . they are warm, sturdy, and seem to be wearing very well. they stay up nicely despite the lack of elasticity in the singles.

Cindy D

Happy New Year! I approve of you choice of champagne!!

Jan P

Just finished a pair of the UGLIEST sock using the new Noro (hic) sock yarn. It's not sock yarn....it's slubby, overspun, thick thin yarn. I'm a handspinner. If I'd spun this, I'd toss it! BUT, my real concern? It's short weighted. My 100 gram ball weighed just 90 grams. This got me weighing all the Noro in my stash....almost all is short between 2 & 10 grams. I e-mailed Noro....no response....talked to a Noro Rep....he blew me off. Noro seems to be trading on their name. Pretty shameful.

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