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The scarf really looks terrific -- I'm sure that she will love it! Getting rip of WIPs is good for the soul.


That's a whole lotta finishing. Better get moving.



Reckless Abandon! Reckless Abandon!

That's such fun to say.

Marcia Cooke

Finishing is good. Love that scarf!


At least all your WIPs fit on one sofa. *sigh*


You appear to be due for an attack of finishitis. Great going so far!

Caroline M

I don't think it looks so bad you know, I've seen far worse. There are knitters out there making sterling efforts to get their wips down to 30. I think it would be quite in order to start something new for each two you finish.


Just having it all spread out like that must make you feel better. One WIP at a time and you'll have them done in no time at all.


I too have to finish and rip some in my WIP pile. And your goal is great! May I be able to follow in your footsteps and relieve some of the wooly cloud hanging over my head.

Teresa C

I love it when I get that finishing feeling. All of those partially finished projects move along quickly and that sense of accomplishment with it. You go girl! Inspire me.

The scarf is lovely.


Love the still life! Except it makes me wonder how many WIPs I've got. My goal is more modest: turn one WIP into a FO by the end of today.


When you confess your many WIPs it invites others to ask where this or that might be. Hopefully that will keep you true. The scarf looks so warm and beautiful....a very nice gift.


aaaahh.. don't sweat it. It looks like a lot of enjoyable hours, ahead and behind you. Probably a new project is already in your head.

Lee Ann

I have a little canvas box very much like that altar, sitting next to my bad-karma couch. Maybe if I took it all out and photographed it, I'd actually finish one of them.

I think I'm going to give them all World of Warcraft-style names. Like the Ass-Kicking Lace-Sleeved Pullover of Doom. Or the Gothic Stole of Absent Cerebral Acuity.

Think it'll work?


Your scarf is perfect and even better that it is made with my favorite fiber :-)!


You know, it really does look like the fellow on the Straker pattern was the victim of some senseless knitting violence. Either that, or he's a teen dreamboat who happened to mention in an interview that he loves hand-knit vests.


You're on a finishing spree! Can I have some of whatever you've been drinking?


Wow! Go you!! Lots of great projects in that post.


That scarf is to die for! So soft. You've reminded my that I need to take some WIP photos before they turn into FO's ....


"Samson merino/angora from the Nameless-Rhinebeck-Vendor-in-Barn-A" I'm guessing that would be Leslie Samson, famous angora bunny lady (co-authored The angora book) and needle felter extraordinaire. And crazy Canadian person.


Is that the baby kimono from Mason-Dixon? I did one, but in stockinette, simply to avoid seaming garter stitch. If you can seam garter stitch, please let me in on the secret!

Beth S.

Lovely scarf! It looks deliciously soft, too.

That Mr. Etherknitter is very funny. ;-)


I'm pretty sure all my WIPs wouldn't fit in one closet, much less a couch. Kind of a scary thought, but luckily, I'm brave!


I can so relate! The good news is that it doesn't sound like any of these need much to get going again and to the finish line... just trying to avoid the distraction of other, newer, 'better' projects should do it. Good luck:)


what a great fabulous pile of WIP's. It actually looks not too bad!
I don't think that I'll be pulling out my pile of WIP's in the near future (shudder) mine's a huge pile. (grin)

julia fc

What a good idea.
Knitting shrine, indeed. I would put Kaffe in his place, were such a thing a reality. He makes as good an graven image as any.


Great scarf! Good luck on the WIPs. I've been having problems finishing *anything* lately!


Whose photo is in the garden?


It must be something in the air. WIPs done and out and on a body somewhere! Yours are much more organized than mine though. Love the way you described the yarn "from Barn A". And the "shrine". Reading your posts always brings a smile!

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