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That maple is lovely, indeed.


You bought Kim's Lendrum Saxony?!? Good for you!


Oh gosh no - knitting for gauge does not mean a new project. It's just a test flight.

Enjoy that new wheel of yours! She's a beauty. :)


That is a beautiful wheel you bought. I'm glad to hear you are enjoying it/her.


Does she have a name yet? There is a reason why she remained nameless here......just ask Marcy :-)


How cool is that? Ummm...dare I ask how many wheels you have now. No.


So jealous. I spun on a Lendrum Saxony out at The Fold and haven't stopped thinking about it since. Did anything ever happen with The Robin wheel? Let me know - because if I ever get a second wheel, it's going to be a Lendrum Saxony for sure.


That cherry wheel is a beauty! I know you will enjoy it. I've been impressed with that wheel each time I've tried one.

Lee Ann

Sigh. Very. Heavy. Sigh.

Also, Want.

Caroline M

Good for you twice over, lovely new wheel, lovely new yarn. Maybe next time we can have photos of the swatch, especially if it's got really big by then.


I'm having some serious wheel envy - all these gorgeous things popping up everywhere. Lucky you!

Teresa C

Lucky, lucky you. Can't wait to see what you have spun on it.


That wheel is a treasure. Kim had a hard time letting her go before Moriah Anne arrived. At least it's 'in the family'. ;-)
Taking a few steps back and restarting a project is the life of a knitter.


So... Is the Reeves now neglected and sad? :b


My lord, we really do share a brain. I tried the Saxony at Rhinebeck and loved it. Of course, I really need to get more practice with the wheel I already own before I even think about another :)

Beth S.

Oh I am SO jealous!... But also very pleased, as I know you'll take very good care of that gorgeous wheel and give her the appreciation she deserves.

Can we have pictures? :-)


A SIP (swatch in progress) is definitely not the ame as a WIP. At least not yet :-) Glad you got Kim's wheel.


Should you ever in your turn decide to hand down that Lendrum, please do keep me informed.

One can never have too many swatches. In a pinch one can always say one is making squares for charity. (I actually had quite a bit of fun working my way through Barbara Walker for Pine Street Inn.)





I've done that same thing knitting mitts multiple times...

Eager to see what you spin next!


I love the way you kind of dropped the "I got another wheel" mention in the middle of the post, almost like it didn't happen or like you were trying to camouflage it with pretty leaves or something.

PS - congrats!


A master craftsperson can make a masterpiece using any old crappy tools, but superb tools make the master craftsperson's work sing. Enjoy the new wheel!


I've short-changed socks a couple of times:~)
Bee-u-tiful cherry wheel. Congrats!


Your Japanese Maple is like the low, rich sounds of a lone sax flowing out of that blues club on that night when the moon seemed to hang low and the mood was just right.

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