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Honestly, if you want to read me humidity measurements, I will read them and not even fall asleep. I bet you'd make them funny.

I can't wait to see the java applet.


You and the Mr. have way too much free time. Except that I know you don't. So I can only conclude that you are both math geeks.


I see the twinkle in your eye and the glint of a demon in Mr. Es as you conspire together over sock measurements. Better you than me. Waiting for the flurry of FOs.


Humidity. Wow. I can't wait to see your application of science to sock knitting.


Hahaha!! I can just see you there taking down all these careful measurements! You crack me up.


Humidity. I totally get it. Intellectual yarn. I get that too. Laughing, dancing, and capering about? Well, I've got a mental image of that, and it makes me grin :)


I know now why you won't just knit the foolish things, uh, you know, that other way. Because you're having way too much fun, that's why. (I predict that you will, too, inflict it on us. In a strange way I look forward to it.)

Also, what a pretty sock.


I totally wanna know the results

Caroline M

"Weaving in the ends is now a pleasure" and you say that you're not feverishly delusional? I'll have a pint of whatever cold remedy you're on.


Oh thank god for people like you. I almost couldn't read your post because you had the word M*TH in the title. It hurts my head to think that you have a spreadsheet for your socks.


I'm with Anne. Math=Scary


btw.........I read your comment on Woolybun chris's blog and I almost peed my pants laughing....hee...I am STILL chuckling


I love Mr. E. And I also love that needle!


I love that silver darning needle beyond reason! Lorrie needs to open up an ETSY shop me thinks :-)


I can honestly say that although I've been married for 20 years, I've never worked out math problems in the bathroom with my husband. You've got one up on me there. ;)


There IS sensuality in Lorna's Laces for me - somehow it is practical and sensual - my favorite sock yarn!
I'll be watching the #s!


Snorting and laughing out loud here -- 'cuse me whilst I wipe the coffee off my monitor...
humidity??? too funny.
I'll bet that the humidity also changes the weight of your wooden sock needles - (I can hear you now, groaning.. oh no another variable to consider)

I think the entire math-of-sock-knitting concept has been extremely entertaining; so no worries, there'll not be snoozin' at this computer :-)


You guys are too funny! Do you think you could get Mr. E to get a video of you stamping your widdle foot for us to see?

If you post math, I promise I will not fall into a coma.

Ask me sometime about my yarn and humidity at Webs story.


Um, ah, er, I'm pretty sure you have indeed reached the feverishly delusional stage, all right.

And I like math.


What a pair you are! I still am in awe that you're doing this, and thank you for it because my brain goes all woozy just contemplating doing it.

Beth S.

I love the scientific rigor you are BOTH applying to this project. Rock on!


Wow! I won't say I am 'math challenged' as that would be inaccurate, and I have done my share of calculations... but this is so over the top, it's cool!


How are you going to measure the humidity? Aren't there a lot of household variables?

Loraine alias simra on the web

LOVE that silver needle. What a treasure.

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