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Nice game, huh? I'm sick at home but don't mind at all because it meant I could watch the entire game (it started at 3:30 our time). The only thing I wish were different would be to hear Jerry Remy do the commentary instead of the babblers who did.

Marcia Cooke

Schardonnay? Snort! I come from a long line of Y***ee fans (ducking), but I don't really care who wins.


Great wine gift!

I agree with Rachel, the coverage was horrible. So bad that I actually wrote to MLB and TBS to complain about it. I never do that.

I did not complain about the result. ;-)


A fine vintage, indeed. Chateau Bequette is pretty good too.


Nice wine. What's the knit?


Good night all around. Pretty yarn!


How fun!! I love the red yarn.....and you know how I feel about wine.... :-)


red is yummy - and I bet the wine was too :-)

Cindy D

Go Boston Go!!! Now to watch the Yankees demise!!!!


I love that bottle label. Smart girl, switching to swatching when you've had half a bottle of wine.


Just wondering -- did that bottle label come that way from the vineyard, or from the donor's inkjet printer? I can certainly imagine a western MA vineyard printing 'em up, or was it a hobbyist winemaker?

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