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That Knitigator. She is a smart one. Yay for you and pink! And Colinette! And reckless abandon! I wish I were not driving the long distance alone, but were a passenger. Then I might get in some knitting time. :)

Lee Ann

Although...the French only look like they're doing it with reckless abandon. Trust me, it's all planned down to the last little freaking iota.



Sounds like you're all set to me!!


I can already see the breeze blowing through your hair as you knit this wonder. Reckless abandon.

The Feminist Mafia

Yes, yes, Kathy is correct. I'm all about the reckless abandon. 3 cheers. I can't wait to see it. 5 sleeps.


The Knitigator may be right about the reckless abandon, but Colinette? It's Welsh.


Oh wow, I stand corrected. I'm still holding onto the Eiffel Tower/little chic cafe imagery for reckless abandon. That said, I'm betting that Catherine Zeta-Jones, if she's a knitter, knits with r.a.


I love the image of you knitting with reckless abandon. Skeins flying, needles clicking, scarf growing like a weed...


I've been thinking about my Rhinebeck knitting, in the back of my mind, while thinking about how to finish my Rhinebeck sweater in time. I think I feel a post of my own brewing ...


I'm seriously considering working on a garter stitch scarf from Colinette Isis (a chenille yarn made from a decidedly unnatural fiber). Okay, maybe not.


I can just picture that conversation taking place! You and reckless abandon? Heeheehee.


Reckless Abandon is good - can't wait to see what emerges.


My Rhinebeck knitting will be a scarf too. Although not one as free-spirited as yours. I just finished my recklessly abandoned Tahki Ghost scarf and let me tell you, it was fantastic! The perfect "knitting vacation". And, as I recall, it was Kathy who talked me into that one too!

Marcia Cooke

Reckless abandon is highly over-rated. Ask me how I know that.


Hee! Yes, heed the Knitigator. She is a wise one. I look forward to seeing what reckless abandon looks like on you.

And if Colinette is, indeed, Welch, then that means you'll have to sing as you knit with reckless abandon!


oh yes, I can just imagine the "you" and the "reckless abandon". I'm smiling... sounds wonderful, and freeing. Go for it!


That Knitigator is a wise woman! Cracking up at "She fixed her bemused green eyes on me". I know the expression well and love it! Reckless abandon sounds good to me. In fact it is so necesary! Go for it girl!


YAY!! Kathy is a wise woman. Knit, enjoy, be wreckless...what's the worst that can happen? NOTHING! My heart stopped at 'our people'...I miss you all!!


Reckless abandon knitting at a fiber fest - perfect!


There's a high school girl I taught to knit when she was tiny who always knits that way and creates scarves that meld disparate yarns into exquisite fabrics with drape and texture and the play of color.

Aim for the big picture (and have fun with it).


Moi, I shall be knitting ze cables wiz an irresistible combinaison of precision and élan...


*This* I've got to see.


Reckless abandon sounds like fun. I've been entirely too dutiful with my knitting this year - I should do this, I should do that. Enough!!! I really should just buy whatever I desire at Rhinebeck and knit myself a lovely warm wrap with it. I should, I should.

Harrumph. Anybody got a cure for excessive Puritanism? Feel free to bring it with you to Rhinebeck; I'll be there all weekend, face down in the Merino fleeces.


Yay for knitting with reckless abandon!! (and yay for Rhinebeck!) ;o)


love it - Kathy sounds right on the money!
enjoy your wild abandon scarf!


Hmmmmmm....what will I bring for knitting? I do have two pairs of socks to finish....but maybe I can start something new. You know that is just a ruse to create another UFO :)


Ha! I love her advice.

Beth S.

I went through this very same thing while packing for vacation. I spent more time thinking about what yarn to pack than I did thinking about weather-appropriate clothing. Ridiculous, considering that I was so busy having fun that I only knit a few inches of plain sock the whole time!

Plus, isn't bringing yarn to Rhinebeck like bringing coal to Newcastle? ;-)

And I have to say, I'd pay good money to see you knit ANYTHING with reckless abandon. ;-)


I love it.. just the thing to break the mold and try reckless abandon. Could this be a new trend? It will be interesting to see your purchases if this is the mood you are going into the adventure with:)


Rhinebeck...someday I may have that "what do I knit at Rhinebeck" problem. Love your choice, your yarn, your post. Can't wait to see the weekend's pics for the festivities.


It's going to look fabulous.

Hope you're having fun!

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