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Caroline M

I've seen that skyline, I've been on the Aquabus on Lost Creek and I wanted to live there too. When the boy child can survive the plane journey we're going back. I kept the dollars left over from the last two visits so it's a firm plan.

Excuse me while I go away and sniff over my memories.


Looks wonderful, E. And what's the fun of being a tourist if you can't do silly tourist things?


I would love to go there someday.


*sigh* You're breaking my heart. I love to visit Vancouver. I was born there and have family in both Vancouver and Victoria. Maybe next year. I think I will at least get to go to a work meeting in Vancouver at the end of April.

Happy Anniversary! I think you picked the very best place to visit.


You were in Vancouver and you didn't tell anyone! I would've loved to meet you (and Mr. E). I hope you made it to Three Bags Full and indulged in some Indigo Moon sock yarn.


Somebody beat you to the worst case scenario? You WERE on vacation!
Love and kisses (and envy, too, for your trip)


I've heard Vancouver does well for fiber. I look forward to hearing your report.


Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. E.! Looking forward to Vancouver II -- you know it's on my list!


Happy anniversary! You've just convinced me to add Vancouver to my list of cities to visit.

Marcia Cooke

Someday...you make me want to go there! As for "how long"? We have our answer: forever! (Bet it's longer than you...we're so much older!)

Teresa C

It's wonderful, I'm so glad you had a great time. And honestly, who even let's their kid play with pidgeons!?


Happy Anniversary, looks like a really wonderful spot and a good time.


Oh my, it all looks wonderful! How fun that you and Mr. E just picked up and left on an adventure. :-)

Happy Anniversary!!!


You know it's a wonderful place when they take time to put leaf prints in the sidewalks.

Rachel H

Great choice for your trip. Happy Anniversary!


I love the leaves pressed into the sidewalk. downtown Olympia has places where they have pressed all sorts of crab parts and fish skeltons - I figure some wonderful woman did it!
I got to meet Lorette yesterday - isn't blog world fun.


Ah, vicarious living. Thanks for the tour (so far -- I eagerly await the fibrous portion).


Happy Anniversary! Super photos. Love the tug boat. Looks like someone plucked it out of the bath tub and placed it in the water. Can't wait to see part 2.


It looks like you had a great time! I haven't been in Vancouver in years, though we don't live far. Might have to remedy that.


Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a great trip for rebooting. One of the many wonderful things about blogging: virtual travel. Now I can add another destination to my want to see list.


Happy happy anniversary! It looks like a wonderful trip!


I've never been to Vancouver, it looks beautiful!


Yes, just a gull with a sucky attitude. There are regal wild gulls and domesticated bully gulls and everything in between. Our pelicans don't stoop to such behavior!

You two wear the years well and have a tangible bond. Beautiful.

Much can be done with concrete. My dad positioned leaves on his driveway and used a mild chemical solution (safe to wash into the bay) to leach the color and stain the concrete -- it's a collage of rusty leaves now.

Beth S.

What an incredible picture you took from the plane! So blue, so craggy. :-)

And happy belated anniversary!

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