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What a wonderful way to display and explore such treasures. Was it also hands on?

My fantasy vacation? I'd like to spend a week or two living inside the brains of people like Cat Bordhi. Imagine the fireworks and sparks and colorful tangents. I bet I'd come away exhausted. And inspired - or perhaps cowed - by the "awe-fullness" of the experience.


Beautiful! I grew up on the west coast and seeing these pictures melts my heart especially the native carving stuff - my Dad is a fabulous carver - just wish I could get him to do it again! Here's a sample of his work:

Marcia Cooke

The only spindle spinning class I've taken was with Judith (MacKenzie McCuin) who is a low whorl gal. She has the most unbeliveable collection of ancient whorls. Since they are mostly made of stone or ceramic, they survive. The shafts were any old stick that could be found and they don't survive. It's fascinating to see what people used in different cultures! (I'd love to have a glass spindle!)


Wow, those whorls are fascinating. Thanks for documenting and sharing.


Those whorls are interesting -- I wonder about the weights of them.

LOVE the baby kimono -- Tess is dangerously close :-)


Great anthropology lesson today.

Love the kimono colors, but you already knew that! This looks like a pretty quick knit.

I have a suggestion for sock-knitting-and-measuring accuracy: knit a complete sock, then frog it, measuring the exact amount of yarn used in each section. What, you don't think that's a good plan? It would be the most accurate :)


Don't listen to Danielle;-) The whorls are beautiful in their primitive-ness. I'd love to spin on a glass spindle (while standing on a bed?).


Very cool whorls....fascinating!

Ummmm.....I am still so bummed out I missed Tess's shop. I'm thinking we all need another road trip :-)


Given how often I drop my spindle I don't think a glass whorl would last very long. :-)

Beth S.

Those ancient (?--how old?) spindle whorls are really something. I like how the shaft seems to fit in the figure's mouth... but with the shaft missing, he just looks like some kind of wind god. ;-)

I dunno about the glass whorls, though. Unless maybe they were made of Pyrex. ;-)

Andrea (noricum)

I love those spindles! (I know what you mean about remembering whether or not you remembered!)


Wow - some of that paper artwork has me longing for a new tattoo. Just gorgeous. I'm in awe of your diligent sock-tracking, but I think I like Danielle's idea of frogging and measuring as better technique for saving one's sanity!


Since I'm still making the drop-spindle joke, I think I'll stick (as it were) to the more durable spindles.

As for sock-yarn measurement... (bites tongue) (ow!) (ducks to avoid projectile) (runs)

......b y y y y eeee...


I love ancient whorls. I have a couple that sit on my desk so that I can see them often.


Oh, lovely whorls. Any netting?


wonderful! although, I must admit that I get a tad bit creeped out by thinking of my own spinning or stash frozen in time like that... (grin)

Cindy D

I think a Persian rug is in order for spinning with a glass whorl. Lovely combo.

Now tell me whose pattern you are using for the kimono.

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