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All your words ring with truth.


"So easy to say, "Tomorrow," and so foolish" -- yep, that's an area I need to work on. With that in mind, it's off to the library, tonight!


Wonderful and true. I am jealous that you hung with Sylvia.


Very wise words and a beautiful picture!


Ah, but life is trial and error. Love the statue!


Looking forward to Sylph's transformation. I love that wonderfully peaceful face. A smaller version for the garden would be very nice!

Caroline M

I love the combination of soft and shiny and that colour is so very wearable. I'm left wondering what there could be higher up the to-knit queue than that delicate garment in that elegant yarn.


ohhh- artfibers. :-) lovely.
So, you are making that sweater/dress, right? it sounds gorgeous.
the japanese gardens were always one of my favorite spots in San Fran.


That must have been Kira who helped you with the patten. She's very talented.

The yarn is a very Etherknitter choice.


You are quite the traveler these days. And San Francisco. I miss that city; the sights, the smells, the energy! Enjoy and, if you head north, my sister lives in Sonoma - you could do yoga at the Mission in with Marly!


Russian Grafting???? Pick up cast-on loops??

Beth S.

That pearly sheen is just lovely--I see why that yarn caught your eye! Anything you make with it would be gorgeous. (Though I think it would make incredible lace, of course... ;-)

And Claudia's advice is spot-on, as always. Ha! :-)


Timber bamboo, actually. And I'm still reflecting on what you said about the transition from and back to consciousness.


LOVE the yarn -- look forward to watching it progress. Sounds like a unique, yet wearable, garmet will result.

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