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Awesome skein and singles! And great yardage! So glad you finally plied it up. As the name of the roving implies, it does truly glow. Just in time for knitting and wear this fall.


your autumn glow is glorious!


Oh that yarn is purdy. Can't wait until I can make yarn like that.


Ooooh! I'm feeling kind of grandmotherly looking at your spinning of the autumn glow. And I may just have to try spinning some myself.

Beautiful scarf!


I have some of that same colorway of Chris's fiber and love the yarn it produced. I am looking forward to knitting with it....beautiful stuff!


It's good to hear you will be back among the living;-) Your plied yarn is fabulous and a perfect color to lead fall into being.

Marcia Cooke

I have a shot like your "Girl Dancing" from Maryland this year: two little girls broke into spontaneous dance in front of the musicians. Magic! Great yarn....what is it destined for? As for tinking lace, I got so good at it I stopped trying to knit it. Sigh.


You're so thoughtful to knit a scarf for that special nurse. I'm sure she'll be overwhelmed.


Oh, I love that little arrowlace pattern. Pretty. And your spinning looks terrific. Did you start with 4 oz? 6?

Beth S.

What is up with the universe?... Claudia knits blue socks, Cassie spins blue bunnycrack, and you produce this heavenly, orange-y, autumnal tweed yarn. Something is deliciously off-kilter just now. I blame the changing seasons because I cannot think of any other logical explanation for it. ;-)

That yarn is SO pretty... any idea what it wants to be? Another lacy scarf, perhaps, since the first one is going so well? :-)


Beautiful skein! I am envious of your spinning.


Lovely spinning - as always. And good for you re: the dogpaw scarf.

Sooo, who is that woman with the peacock shawl? Handspun? Or what yarn? It is gorgeous.


Ditto of Cathy's query. Who is she? She looks nice.

Love to see a bit of technical spinning being blogged. YAY!


The whole summer is gone like that for me. Where did it go?


Is that a dog paw or a cat paw?

Now that all of our various summer adventures and excursions are over (the planned ones, anyway), I cannot wait for school to start again. On that happy day I will be able to slither out to Starbucks for an hour or two without considering who's watching the kids.


Having sat next to you for three hours of class, I can confirm that you were there :) Nice to meet you. And I am most impressed with the consistency of your spinning in this post!


So, uh, did your bodybuilder resident learn how to spin yet :-).

lisa Co.  Springs

That is gorgeous Laurie----the color is so rich and autumnal, perfect fo fall. What is it's destiny?

Lee Ann

Oh. Boy.

That spinning's gorgeous.

I cannot wait to see you at Rhinebeck. Thinking, maybe, of coming to Vermont? ;-)


Beautiful scarf for a wonderful person. I loved the way you described the picture of the young woman with the shawl. Wonderful, almost poetry. Your writing is a pleasure to read.
Oh, and did I say the resultant yarn from your roving is gorgeous?


Hey, it's nice to have you back among the blogging fools! And I'm really sorry to have missed the fiber revival, but good friends of mine got married that day.

Caroline M

I don't know how you can wait that long to ply, I'm always eager to see the finished yarn. The yarn is lovely, it's a colour that I would never buy but it looks gorgeous, so subtle.

When I make the same mistake twice in lace then it's time to put it down for the night. I swear you can get muscle memory for getting knitting wrong.


dog paw lace.. heh heh - now that's cute. She will love it.
and your spinning looks wonderful. you could win a prize with that skein (if you're into that sort of thing) - me? I'd just sit around and admire it all day, most likely stick it in a bowl in a prominent place, and say ahhhh over and over.

julia fc

That shawl is worn by my friend and lace knitter extraordinaire Allison Green Will who blogs (erratically) here: http://alisonknits.typepad.com

Lovely skein.

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