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The 'Just Our Sock' yarn is gorgeous.
You learned much, gained insight into new possibilities and hung about with pals... sounds like a perfect weekend.


You gotta share that stitch gauge/row gauge thing, too! And I'm so glad to see you haven't given up on Tess entirely after that unfortunate ribbon experience. ;)

Marcia Cooke

Sniff, no one told me you guys were all going! I'd have tried to go. Next year. Isn't Galina a hoot...I took that class at Rhinebeck several years ago, then her lace knitting class the following year. The way she says "pee-yural" still cracks me up!


Have you seen what Francesca did with the Habu steel? fluffbuff dot com. Neat person.

I've been known to knit Continental on the RS and English on the the WS. for me, purling English is mach speed and a delight. Actually, my English knitting has become faster, too, since I changed the way I hold my hands.

Did you see Galina's lily of the valley shawl? There is one version in particular that calls my name...


It sounds FABULOUS. I've never, not once, been to a knitting or spinning class, but I love hearing all the tips! (grin)

Beth S.

Everything sounds marvelous! I've heard of the Russian grafting technique, and even tried it once, on the fly and without the benefit of instructions right in front of me... well, I'll probably corner you at Rhinebeck with some swatches. ;-)


I'll make sure I have my knitting swatch. And a class with Galina is on my must do list. Someday! Glad you had so much fun and learned a lot.


I LOVE that picture with Galina! Yes, re-entry bites.


Sounds like a great time! The Habu are my alma mater colors. Heh, not like it ever affected me in any way.


Your class reviews are new information. Love the idea of continental knitting but can't get the hang of purling that way either.


Sounds like a great time. I am very curious about the Russian Grafting, any chance of posting something about it as I can't travel halfway across the country to Rhinebeck.


As a successful Continental convert, I think it's like anything else involving muscle memory: you just have to do a whole project (a small one) that way, accepting the fact that you will feel slow and klutzy and your knitting will be less perfect than you're used to. Alternatively, you can accept the fact that you won't be doing much Continental knitting -- but it is *so much easier* for ribbing and cables and colorwork.

OK, off the soapbox: I'll trade you short-row heels for Russian grafting.


The red/orange Habu yarn doesn't count, because you negated it with the blue gray. (because I say so)

And? Jealous. Wanna see Russian grafting...

julia fc

it's also much much faster.


Hee hee...I snuck over here after reading your comment on Claudia's blog...just what colours would you put in a Etherknitter colourway? Wink wink! I see some pretty nice blues and grays in your blog.


I'm taking a class this fall on gansey knitting, my first-ever "real" knitting class. I can't wait.
Your comment "substituted a formula of stitch gauge vs row gauge" made me blink, then think, why the hell didn't I think of that? That is such a damned brilliant way to think about picking up stitches along an edge. And I want to see the Russian grafting. It sounds intriguing.


Reading your comments....I am SO wishing I were there! You will have to show me the picking up band formula as that is something I always say a prayer and hope while I am doing it.....and Russian grafting....i will have my squares at Rhinebeck....grin :-)


color me green.


Come on out to Taos and show us these techniques! If you do, I can show you a way to make the Continental pooorl st doable.
Your writing is always so much fun to read. It makes me giggle. Thanks for alway being here!
Now, come out for the Taos Festival!

Cindy D

I'll be bringing my swatches to Rhinebeck!!

A few years ago I took a workshop with
Galina Khmeleva. A wonderful teacher....loved all those Orenburg shawls!!

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