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One word: cornstarch!


Droopy summer days indeed. I think many feel it. I'll live vicariously through your garden photos, mine is sadly neglected with bags of mulch still piled waiting to be applied.....


But its a lovely 12 x 12 space.


Oooo! The hummer! Thanks for the photo. Fascinating little critters. I don't think any stop by here, but I see them at my mom's house. How nice you get to enjoy them.

Nice spinning, too.


A lovely 12x12 space. If we were not of the desert our patio would be a similar haven...fall will bring the outdoor area back into our lives.
Spinning Ashland Bay is sweet and easy. Perfect for the lazy days of summer.

Mary Lou

Blue flowers (real blue) are my favorite, but I've put effort into hummer friendly colors. Or so I thought. They have been ignoring the feeder, but bouncing around a strange assortment of flowers in the bed. Next year, blue salvia.


That silk is lovely! I have yet to spin pure silk.

Marcia Cooke

Is that Victoria? I love Victoria....but keep forgetting to plant any. Like a lot of things, next year. After I arrange a hit on the 'chuck.


Beautiful! I recently bought some Ashland Bay merino/tussah blend and found myself thinking, "oh, it's COMMERCIAL roving!" Spinning 4 oz. of it reminded me that just because it's mass-produced doesn't mean it's bad. It's very pretty, easy to spin, and if I run a little short - I know I can get more!

Are you plying Abby's silk with the blend?

Abby Franquemont

You too with the doldrums? Man, this is just sad all around.

I love how that silk is spinning up for you! I had the most awful time trying to come up with a name for that colour, too.

That Ashland Bay 70/30 Merino/Tussah blend with the heathery colours is one of my favourite "comfort spinning" fibers. I always have some on hand, to be honest. I tend to keep my eyes peeled for their colourblends coming up for sale various places, and I usually have a few pounds of it around. I also have a lace sweater on the needles in a yarn I spun from some, that I haven't touched in a year. Oy.

Abby Franquemont

And how could I possibly forget to mention I'm a Red Sox fan born and raised, and have made certain my son is too. One of the things that always makes me maudlin about baseball season is missing talking to my dad about the Sox, and then thinking how they finally won the series the fall after he died. Thankfully, growing up a Red Sox fan gives me the spiritual fortitude to smile and laugh it off with a "Maybe next year" attitude, even though "Maybe next year" is nowhere near as applicable as it once was.

And yes, of course: my son knows all about the Yankees.


Try a little cornstarch in place of the baby powder.


Ditto for cornstarch!

The melaleuca is blooming and rather popular with the hummingbirds right now. We have a pretty large, stable population. They love it when I stand in the garden with the hose set on mist and spray up into the air so they can fly through.


Lovely post. Very relaxing. Great photo of the hummer and salvia.


Your deck looks like a beautiful spot for spending time together. Do you bring your wheel out there?


you know, i'm not sure anybody USES talcum powder any more. it's mostly cornstarch (and i've never seen talcum powder myself, personally. my folks were big johnsons users, lol)


What beautiful flowers you have!! Your deck looks like a wonderful place to be in the summer!


Wonderful! I'll plant salvia and see if they arrive. I cannot wait to move onto our patio ... soon, soon, soon.


I've been in a blue period myself lately. Lovely spinning, lovely flowers.


I love the hummingbird photo! And the winey-colored yarn is just lovely.
It's funny, I just got two boxes of unscented talcum in the mail today. I figure I'm old enough that by the time the talcum gives me cancer I'll have died of something else, probably winey-related.
I'm planning on putting a link to the talc in my next post, it's the real stuff, and yes, it IS better than cornstarch.


does cornstarch baby powder count?

Beth S.

The blue flowers are always my favorites, too. And they look so good when you plant something orangey-gold near them... maybe that's why I like them. ;-)

Ashland Bay is fine stuff, I agree. It makes a more versatile yarn... I wouldn't knit anything lacy or cabled with a crazy barberpole yarn, but you can knit anything you like with a nice gently heathered handspun. :-)


Hummers have l-o-n-g memories. I haven't been able to put out a hummingbird feeder for 8 years, but they still come several times a day and check out the spot where it used to be. Then they go to the fuschias and red petunias.


loe the photos of the hummer on the salvia!
and your spinning looks wonderful - wish I was sitting there sharing a sip of something wonderful on your deck :-)


There is nothing ever wrong about a blue flower. Those blue salvia are beautiful.
Ashland Bay … that reminds me … rovingf the size af a beach ball. Summer. beach ball. That does it. The wheel is coming out when I get home from work today.


I've got some Ashland Bay merino/silk I pulled out a couple of days ago, too. It's been calling to me.


I've always wanted to plant an old-fashioned 'Night and Day' garden...only blue and white flowers. The combo looks pretty during the hot summer days while the whites show up after the sun goes down! Maybe next year. Your patio reminded me of this project.

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