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We had a wisteria vine when I was young trained to an large grapevine type of arbor that acted as a canopy outside the kitchen door. We ate breakfast there in the spring, The fragrance from the hanging blooms and the buzzing of the honey bees and bumbles I can still remember like yesterday. To be able to sit under your White Queen and relive that was truly wonderful! Thank you. Glad I was able to coax you under there so you could experience it too :-)


Absolutely beautiful! Unfortunately wisteria don't seem to like our soil so I have to ooh over other peoples :-)


Wow! How beautiful.




Wow! So beautiful! What an impressive display.


Oh my...........Laurie, that is so beautiful! What a treat for you to see her bloom!


She's lovely. I've never seen one like this before. Thanks for sharing her story.


Oh... she's *beautiful*.

Caroline M

That is such a lovely shape and with it one a corner like that it means that you are able to appreciate it from more than one angle. Two views from one tree.


Wow, your wisteria is beautiful! Please tell me just how much you pruned her?

I've got a wisteria in my yard which I planted 7 years ago, and it has *never* bloomed. It just continues to grow like a vine, but not flower.


Oh, she looks just beautiful!


Oh, the Queen is spectacularly lovely! All bow to the Queen.


Oooh, long live the Queen! The one and only wisteria I had never bloomed.


So beautiful (swoooooooooon)! Truly Queen of the Vines .....


Very Pretty! It was nice meeting you at MA Sheep & Wool.


Oh. My. Such beauty.

Is it nice to call Manise a creature, though? :O


Hahahahaha! Marcy's comment is cracking me up! She is too funny.

What an incredible wisteria plant. Beautiful pictures. Making me think of a white lace shawl design . . .


Manise paints a lovely memory for us! How wonderful to experience it with her. White Queen is breathtakingly beautiful...no words can really say....I'm awed.

Lee Ann

I love swooning at your blog.

It does, however, freak my husband out a little. But hey, he's French. It's not hard.


i only have one word. luscious!


::gasp:: She's sooooooo beautiful! I love wisteria - and ours is long gone. Thank you for the fix! I may make it to next spring now. :)

lynne s of Oz

Golly - what a fabulous wisteria! You must have hacked at her for years to persuade her to drape so gracefully in shrub form...


Mmmmm, I'd like to lie in her. She'd never make it up here. Damn.


That is a shockingly beautiful plant.



Beth S.

Damn it all, why didn't my wisteria look like that, instead of something from Little Shop of Horrors? And how do you keep it from eating your house? Seriously. I can look out the dining room window and literally watch it growing. Horrid thing! But yours is remarkably well-behaved.

Beth S.

Oh, and I forgot to say, FABULOUS shot of Manise. Let's make her start a blog just so she can put that picture on it.


The vicious pruning I believe...but that you'd really turn this beauty into firewood?

You're more of an optimist than THAT.

(She's gorgeous.)


Solomon in all his glory would just fade into the woodwork.


Details PLEASE!!!
My son bought me a Wisteria for Mother's day, and I've been hemming and hawing about how to train it. Would love to do tree style, but not sure how to go about it.
HAD to ask when I saw your post.

lisa Co.  Springs





So.Pretty. Can you come landscape my wee yard?

I do so miss the wild wisteria springtimes of home. Did I ever tell you that we had our 'official' wedding photos taken about 3 weeks before the actual event b/c I was determined to have wisteria?


She is beautiful! I am dying to go to Allen Haskell's for some hostas; want to go? I've never been. I'm sorry I missed it during his heyday, and am concerned it's not the same now, but I believe his second-in-command (whose name I can't remember, Eugene, maybe?) has been keeping it going.

Or I could take you to Cavicchio's someday...

Melissa G

Indeed, swooning. Here I'm just happy that it appears I have successfully relocated the Jupiter's Beard. Now I have to figure out where exactly to site the penstemons.


That is simply stunning!


I sure wish my wisteria would grant me even one bloom!
I'm glad to learn that the firewood threat is effective. I've been pruning and storing all the pruned branches in the "firepit" thing, which I'll be rolling out to the patio to burn on the 21st -- right in front of the plant. Perhaps it will get the hint.
So, maybe next year, eh?


Gorgeous. I love wisteria.


Oh, man. She is gorgeous!


Wow. Just... wow.

Cindy D

You've given me hope. I just planted a "whip of Wisteria" about 2-3 feet tall in my back yard two weeks ago. Believe it or not I bought it at Job Lot.It appears to be happy and the leaves look good. Tell me how tall it may get in one year. Will it bloom next year?

Your Wisteria is to die for..............




Sigh. Wisteria are not hardy in Zone 4a (or Zone 3, for that matter). I'll pine for yours...



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