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Maddening stuff eh? Hehehe. You crack me up! Oh and no thanks- I'll pass. :-)


Never heard of it. What did it do to you?


That's the type of yarn that makes me run screaming in agony from the room. I have nearly the same reaction to silk. Good luck!


Post Traumatic Ribbonyarn Disorder?


slippery, eh?

My rule of thumb - in so far as I follow rules at all is as follows.

Wool is for knitting. Plants are for sewing.

Non organics are for BLENDING.


That is some great dislike.


Oh, Laurie, I wish I could help you out but nonononono. I knit a tank top last year out of another ribbon yarn and swore I would never touch the stuff again. Googling for "Tess microfiber ribbon yarn" confirmed my decision.

Cat toys? bird nesting material? a gift for a particularly unloved *friend*? cast in concrete and sunk in Boston Harbor? Really, the possibilities are endless ;-)


Gee, thanks, Laurie. That's awfully generous of you, but, um, I'll pass . . .


hhahahahaha!!! with the white heat of a thousand suns....tell us how you really feel...heehee!


Heeheehee. I hope someone releases you from your misery soon. But it won't be me. Ribbon yarn = Disaster.

Teresa C

That is a great promotional tactic, the heat of a thousand suns, eh? Hee, I know that sunburn.

Marcia Cooke

No, but I'll trade you some rayon boucle (famous manufacturer, can't recall name) that took me sixteen hours to unravel.


So I'm thinking ad copywriter is not a career in your future. Is it gone yet?




I don't want your yarn, but HA!HA!HA!


That bad ? ! Oh dear !


I'm all in favor of garbage cans. Unless of course, someone likes ribbon yarn out there.

Lynda the Guppy


What's pretty funny is just this morning I used the phrase "I hate it with the burning heat of a thousand suns." And I hadn't yet read your post! LOL I was only referring to a keyboard, though.


I quite like the stuff! In fact I can't buy your lot because I bought MORE at this most recent MD and just can't justify it...sorry you didn't like working with it.

You could join the new Destash blog and post it for sale over there...


Interesting marketing ploy! :) I used ribbon yarn once, and it wasn't too bad, but it was cotton/elastic, so it was pretty well behaved. The microfibre doesn't sound too promising.


Ooooh, ribbon yarn bring pain!


That's a hell of a sales pitch.


did you toss it already??
write me, we'll talk darlink.

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