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Oh my . . . heaven!


I don't spin, but seeing you surrouded by bags of colored fleece, I had an image of a pool of potential. Much work, but much potential too. The dreaming pool.

And you look so happy!


Wait, if they Rovings is shipping to tony, that means that maybe my order from them might come in --- had to wait a season to get the blend I wanted.


You look so HAPPY.

Beth S.

Yes on the 'life list'--I'm the same way. Yes on In Sheep's Clothing. And YES on the Lendrum Saxony! I want one BAD(ly). Ask Marcy. ;-)

What a truly splendid day that must have been!


Was it the dark walnut Lendrum Saxony? It was all I could do not to buy that wheel ON THE SPOT. It's THE wheel for me. I just can't justify it.

Crap. I just re-read your post. I should get off the Robin list and get on the Lendrum list. If only I had the room and really, if only, I had more spinning under my belt.

I loved going out to The Fold. It is absolutely completely worth the trip.


You're looking a little giddy, sitting there with all that fiber. The sheepy fumes must have been getting to you ;)

Marcia Cooke

Damn. I have to go to Chicago. And, yes, I think "ho" says it all! Naah, just jealous and trying to subdue the wheel lust, although I'm entertaining thoughts of the Wee Robin again and am wishing I hadn't given up MY place on that list! For sure my "travel wheel" isn't going to be the Schacht Ladybug, which looks like the illegitimate child of a Matchless and a Babe, and I guess I can scratch the Little Gem, too, huh? As for Rovings, they bring it ALL to SOAR. Just saying.


I've never seen a smile so wide! You speak of the Fold as a place we all should go on pilgrimage. I'm starting a Life List now.


Me 9.


I've had a Life List for birds forever. I never thought of doing one for fiber but it's a fabulous idea. Oh, and next time? Call me too!


What a happy smile!!!

More than anything, I love the name, and all it exudes, of "The Fold."


I am SO jealous that you got to see Toni in her natural habitat! I've only ever seen her at shows. Woh. Love them fumes, huh? And like Carole, call me, too, next time?

Enabler extraordinaire, that's you. Enabling from Ohio to Mass. That's power!


I get to go to www.rovings.com in *person* soon! It's just outside Winnipeg (where I live), so a friend and I are going to drive there when she's back from holidays.


Oh... wow..... *drool*


Wow. I. am. so. jealous. Cannot speak. (That's notable, in case you've forgotten.)


Wow! It's fiber heaven! ::happy sigh:: :)


Holy.Crap.!! All I can say is that must be what heaven looks like!

I LOVE my Lendrum Saxony.....so smooth. I completely understand the wheel ho thing...heehee!


Oh my. Oh my oh my. I never believed in heaven, but I think I just started believing in The Fold.


My mama didn't raise a fool. :-) (You're like Paine Webber, when you call, I listen!)


That smile on your face is just...beatific.

Makes me wonder if I can justify a little stop in Chicago on my way to California. ;)


It looks SO COOL! I had no idea the Fold was such a great place!


Oh man, I'm drooling with fiber envy!


All that roving leaves me drooling! Field trip!


I can't decide if I love it or hate it when you go to Toni's store and then tell us ALL about it. ;)


Laurie, I don't care what anyone says, you're no ho.


There is no acting cool in the face of so. much. fiber.


I listened too! Can't wait to spin it up. Great photo of you in Fiber and Wheel nirvana.


whell hos are the best kind of hos.




Holy crap! Now THAT is a field trip. :) I cannot wait to see your Pandora's box of goodies.


Lendrum Saxony has been calling my name as well.
A day with Toni at the Fold?. be stil my heart. It must have been so divine. She's a peach.

Madame Purl

So glad you found The Fold. It's only 45 minutes in my back yard and it's wonderful. She had a huge sale on last Sunday - 25% on wheels - 40% on yarn and fibers. It was parking on the lawn only and packed like a sardine tin. I tried the Lendrum Saxony, but my legs are so short I had to contort and twist my back to use it. I ended up with the Lendrum upright. I'm a wheel ho - my third baby.


Waa... I am green (and purple, red and yellow) with envy! I don't think you are necessarily a wheel ho, there just might be a better all-round wheel for your nomadic lifestyle. I think this has to happen if we want to spin with other people the way we love to knit with other people. I could either get a traveling wheel soon or wait till I beat mine to s*** loading it in and out of the jeep and bouncing it around. Sounds like a practical forethought to buy one soon.


You look so unbelievably happy!! Good for you :o)

Did you buy anything orange? *grin*

Terry M

Oh that stuff from Rovings is gorgeous! I saw some at SOAR a couple years ago, but didn't get in line soon enough....
The Lendrum saxony is absolute heaven, btw - I ordered one a couple years ago and it is nice and FAST! I have both Lendrum wheels and love them both! Looks like you had a GREAT time at The Fold! I may have to keep that on my "travel" list.

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