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The peonies are stunning. I had to transplant my bushes this year, so their bloom was rather stunted.


Nothing has to get done. That's the beauty of this hobby - no rules!


I'm a bee too! And with those peonies, why not!


Shichikufujin! I want a yarn with that color and name. Oh yes, we are all busy bees and there are SO many flowers!


I agree with Carole! That's the best thing about all this, we have the freedom to flit around looking for inspiration and enjoyment. And no one will go cold this winter if we don't finish a sweater!


Ha! Perfect image of you as Bee flitting so purposefully without purpose. I love it.


Gorgeous tree peomies! My bush type are expoding in full bloom. I too pay hommage to the bees- flitting between UFO's and plastic storage bins as my stash gets wrangled into submission and packed away from sight in the bowels of my closet.

Caroline M

The bees are working though aren't they? It may look like they are aimlessly wandering but they have their own purpose all the same. I'm not a peony person, my mother's are big, pink and all over the floor with the first rain, but I'm liking that Coopworth.

Beth S.

This is an interesting dilemma, one that had never occurred to me! How *do* you continue to spin to match a sample, if your sample loses twist over time? No one ever seems to mention that when the subject of spinner's control cards comes up. Hmmm.

I've been leafing through some of my Spin-Offs, and came across an interesting suggestion for optimal consistency across a large-scale project: ply your first bobbin with your last, the second bobbin with the second-to-last, and so on. I'm not entirely sure why this works, though.


Four giant bobbins of Coopworth doesn't seem like direction-less flitting to me, but you know, your mileage may vary.

Love your trees.


Shichikufujin sounds vaguely off-color somehow, which is strange for someone so splendidly pink. Margene is right: we need a colorway.


Beautiful tree peonies!! Mine are suffering right now - new toy=no gardening. You can barely see the tomatoes for the weeds ;o)


Gorgeous. Very much like the idea of colorways. Here we have Kamadanishiki and "Better Than Jade With Triple Magic". Nobody around here knows what they are. Their loss.


I love Peonies....ours are just getting ready to open up. Your Judy yarn is so pretty!


Don't you just love our ability to be like the bees? I enjoy the puttering aspect of this art so much. No worries, no stress.
Your Tree Peonies are stunning. Mine small shrub peonies only had two blooms each this year (despite the lack of competition) I suspect its time to feed :-)


My WIP zone is a testament to my inability to stay on task with my knitting ... but the commission jobs I've had have just proved to me that I hate knitting on a deadline.

In the words of the incomparable Miss Dickinson:

Could I but ride indefinite
As doth the Meadow Bee
And visit only where I liked
And No one visit me

And flirt all Day with Buttercups
And marry whom I may
And dwell a little everywhere
Or better, run away

With no Police to follow
Or chase Him if He do
Till He should jump Peninsulas
To get away from me –

I said “But just to be a Bee”
Upon a Raft of Air
And row in Nowhere all Day long
And anchor “off the Bar”

What Liberty! So Captives deem
Who tight in Dungeons are.

Lee Ann

I can't putter. I either go full force or not at all, and then I end up losing steam and forgetting what I've done. I've knit a half a sweater this week and I can hardly believe it. It's supposed to be Lacy Waves, but I think if I actually complete it (and I have to...I'm knitting along with one other person) I'm going to call it Waving, Not Drowning :-)

Dorothy B

The peonies are gorgeous! Trumpet blasts in the midst of the aria.

I think summer is a time of the flitting and flirting with all kinds of things. Promises hinted at and never said.


suite judy blue-eyes is lovely!

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