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Lee Ann

I am told beverages were quaffed in my name, complete with hip hip hoorays, but I have yet to see a pic of that...

I am SO trying not to die laughing that a roomful of knitters and spinners didn't know how to tap a keg. Dudes.

Sigh. At least you had the center-pull balls to call the 800 number on the keg.

How I love you all.


Ahh yes, as I recall last year Dale tapped the keg for us.


Had I been there, I would have gladly tapped the keg, though it has been a while. So sad that I missed out on the fun, but we had a lovely weekend Downeast looking for a spot to hold our wedding.


It sounds like a wonderful weekend. Congratulations on the fabulous rack-o-bobbins.


That's it.
I have to move now.
Just so I can be hostess at one of these things.
I mean they NEVER have good fiber events near here. It's appalling...
Must create local fiber insanity, or move.


Hee hee....she said 'fabulous rack' *snork*.....and apparently, I'm still twelve.

That said, can I just tell you how many times we each had at least one of those botanical shades bumps in our hands after having fondled yours?


Wow! What a great score!

Caroline M

Fifty bobbins! You really need to get plying. It is lovely and I'm sure that it is something that we're all planning on copying. I'm glad that you had a good time, that's what it's all about.


About that spool holder...not only functional as spool holder, but has design possiblities as a 'room divider'? Incase anyone objects to 'useless' furniture in the house. Not that my husband would speak to harshly of my toys, he has his own, so we are gentle with each other. Actually I'm jealous of your find!


Nice rack! Ummmm, I guess I'm also suck with a prepubescent sense of humor. I cannot believe no one knew how to tap a keg - priceless!


that rack is beautiful.


Cracking up so early in the morning....It's good for the soul.

"nice rack" indeed!

And can't stop laughing at what that guy must have thought hearing, "There's a bunch of middle-aged knitters" trying to tap a keg. Oh, I'm lovin' it.


nice score on the spool rack!
wonderful company of wheels you keep.


You must have made the beer guys day! LOL
Love the rack! What a fabulous idea. It's Laurie...through and through!


50 bobbins. On a rack. Amazing. What a find.

I am ever so not looking at the Botanical bump.


Wish I'd been able to go to the blegger. Not that I would have been any help with the tapping, of course. But glad you all had fun!


That spool rack is going to look fantastic as it fills up with your singles! What a fun weekend.


That spool rack is seriously cool. That's the sort of thing I always walk by without realizing the possibilities. But you, you're a visionary. I know you think I'm exaggerating about my lack of vision, but I seriously thought the Internet was never going to take off. No, really. So you can understand where I might overlook the merits of a spool rack!


1 800 TAP-AKEG.


jealous jealous jealous. (rack, fiber, gathering, respectively.)


Manise is a pretty sneaky little enabler, isn't she?? All sweet and unassuming, and wham, next thing you know those Botanical Shades bumps were spreading around like a bad fever. ;)


Very cool bobbin rack! And the JOY yarn selection; isn't it hard to stop at just two skeins?

Beth S.

Oh, Laurie! What a score! I remember seeing that rack of bobbins and I had no idea that the entire kit and caboodle was for sale. I'm so pleased that the whole thing went home with you!

And I remember picking up one of those bumps of Coopworth, holding it in my hands and turning it this way and that, musing... ;-) I just love that you ended up buying something with The Dreaded Orange in it!

Oh, and your picture of Judy is wonderful. :-)


I love Jackie's comment -- Manise as the source of the Botanical Shades plague :-)

And that rack is awesome -- I would have bought it without the bobbins. With them, it just may have won the Score of Cummington prize.


Oh lordie how funny is that! You went to college for one million years and didn't learn how to tap a keg. How cute are you!

I'll let you in on another college hint: when you're drinking shots, drink them standing up so you'll know when you've had enough. That way you avoid the embarrassing standing up and falling over. We'll use that hint at NYS&W...


That spool rack is super and Leclerc stuff is good. Lucky you.


I love Just Our Yarns. They have the best customer service, and frankly, I think they're some of the best handpainters out there. I have some of their laceweight cashmere in green, and it's gorgeous. I'm thinking tencel next time. Yours looks beautiful!

Man. I love the idea of 50 bobbins all on a huge lazy kate. You really scored on that one.


Now THAT is a nice rack ;o)

'twas wonderful to see you, as always!


Wait. I just realized...you bought something with ORANGE in it. Again! Are you feeling okay...? ;op


Still laughing over here.....rack...keg woes...moi sneaky enabler and the source of plagues? Sheesh ;-) Should have gotten one more of those Botanical bumps. Great weekend with wonderful women. It doesn't get better than that!


It's true. Although I have been to keggers a plenty, I've never tapped the keg myself.


Looks like you had fun!!! That is a might big bag of fiber Manise is holding...heehee!


Oh my. Now I have a raging case of R.E.

Rack Envy. What a find!


Your rack is now the envy of spinners everywhere. Absolutely brilliant. Definitely watch out for that Manise.

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