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Whoever looks upon Fleece Artist with lust has already committed sockultery in her heart.


The vest is really coming along! Does Connie know that she's defenseless to you two :-)


You've found the process! A rewarding knit, like the vest (good fixes!) and a nice relaxing red sock, make knitting life the best it can be.


"Get unstuck" - sounds like you did it! Woot!


Handsome vest! But are you sure the sun will ever shine again? I'm beginning to have my doubts....


Yes, I'm a big fan of monogamy in knitting.


I can almost hear you revving your motor! What an inspiration, though I know some of my most-stalled are going to stay that way for the moment. I actually brought home someone elses' WIP from SLC to finish; is that charity or just the worst kind of procrastination?


I'm sure Mr. Etherknitter is relieved that monogamy still looks good to you......

Caroline M

We have your sun, by 11 it will be too hot to work in the garden and I'll have a face that glows. I don't have long stalled knitting wips, they never get that second chance because I'm a ruthless ripper.

I think you need something bright and colourful on the needles for when the light is too flat for grey. Burgundy would be just right...


Is this an annual event? I do miss Patriots' Day. What a fine excuse for a holiday.


Isn't it a nice feeling when something clicks again? I'm glad your vest is feeling right again :-)


I love being in that "Just one more row" stage with a project!


knitting monogamy does have its rewards (grin) - the vest looks to be growing nicely!

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