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Caroline M

Good for you. I can't wait to see what you knit. My first handspun sweater starts two weeks on Monday (when the schools go back) but as I'm not as unselfish as you I'm knitting for me.


Sweet pictures! Your spinning came out beautifully - 600 yards from 4 oz. is a lot, right? Looking forward to watching the sweater come along!


You know, I almost went there yesterday with the kids, but errands got in the way. Do tell about the vendors. And I LOVE that roving from Teyani. Not cheating at all -- just joyful spinning.


I was there too! Wasn't it a beautiful day to be out there?


Quite agree on the not cheating comment. I'm learning to spin on my wheel using the Tourmaline colourway. So far I have 334m of chain plied yarn with about 3 1/2 oz left.It is wonderful stuff and they are so helpful too!


I noticed shearers standing like that too - younger ones. Must be easier and faster to lean a sheep against braced legs. Good for you re:spinning for the sweater. Winter will come around and the sweater will be ready to go. Such a nice theory, eh?


Very nice spinning job. :)

Lee Ann

That's a dramatic turn of events...how are you going to ply it, and what weight are you going for?

Go EK, go EK, go EK...(fist in the air) :-)


Ok, the spinning is beautiful. Do you like the Woolee Winder? I'm debating it very seriously, trying to get some opinions from those who have them already.


Hehehe. You are quite the enabler my friend! Already started swatching.......

Teyani's roving is lucious and the handspun gorgeous! That'll make an amazing sweater for Mr. E.


Well, I was wondering if we'd ever hear from you again!

I didn't hear about Woolapalooza, which is probably a good thing, as I have way too much yarn already.

Roving, on the other hand....I have always been tempted by those rovings from Crown Mountain Farm. Hmm...

And a hand-spun, hand-knit sweater for Mr. EK? Awwww - I can't wait to see it!


I forgot everything you said before 'Mr. Etherknitters handspun sweater! I bow to you.


"...start with a bold, clueless step."

So true!


Hey, I was at Woolapalooza, too! How did I miss you? We were there from around 11-1. I was with muggles, two male friends who have never knit a stitch. One was amazed at the spinning wheel and said "Have you ever seen one of those?!" all mystified-like. It was really cute.

Wow, a handspun sweater, and it looks like a mighty fine yarn. This should be beautiful!


You're a good wife.


YaaaY!! for the beginning of fiber season!
Looks like a great way to start the season. The shearer looks like Kevin Ford. I've seen him shear a sheep in 6 minutes flat. With hand shears. Truly.
Coopworth handspun sweater for Mr. E. Excellent. Lovely spinning. Sweater details?


Mr. E is a very lucky fella. But I bet he knows that already.


on the woolee winder??? ahemm...! That is a beautiful job.


Woolapalooza! I love it. I can't get over how evenly placed the yarn on that bobbin is. Go woolee winder! that Mr Etherknitter is one lucky man. He gets you, and now, a handspun sweater!!


What's that saying? Something about the longest journey begins with a single step? Looks like a very thin first step. Mr. Etherknitter is lucky to have you (for many reasons, the sweater is just one of em).


How ambitious! Lucky Mr. you have there.

Beth S.

We were there briefly in the afternoon, but the place was packed so full of double-wide strollers that it was impossible to get close enough to anything to see it properly. Kind of disappointing--I would have loved to chat with the woman who was preparing flax, but there was no getting near her. Sigh...

You're spinning a man-sweater! Wow! Is that going to be a 2- or 3-ply? And good for you for choosing Coopworth. It's a highly underappreciated fleece. :-)


Where was Woolapalooza? It sounds like fun (not that I could have gone, I've been asthmatic, but maybe next year).

Love the Teyani roving, it's spinning up beautifully!

Didn't you say you were aiming for a 2 ply worsted for Mr E's sweater? Is that single thick enough? Or do I remember wrong?


Ooh, an handspun sweater for Mr E! Have you chosen a pattern yet? The Coopworth will make a fantastic sweater!


We were there too! I'm from Chicago, but we were visiting parents in Newton. My son (2 and a half) loved seeing the "baby sheep". It still amazes me that sheep really do say "baa" and chickens really do say "bok bok bok". Thought it was a lovely place, nice demos. It was nice to see Green Mountain Spinnery out in force, but there weren't really many vendors to speak of. Mostly it was a farmy day for us.

lisa Co.  Springs

Just gorgeous, Laurie!


Lucky Mr. E. B is still waiting for the sweater I promised cross my heart, hope to die, stop LOOKING at me like that, to knit for him this winter.

I think he's going to be waiting a while longer.


Lucky Mr. Etherknitter! Sounds like your trip was not what you had hoped for, but it must have been nice to visit the sheepies up close.


Excellent! I can't wait to see it evolve.


when was this?

i can't get past how flexible that man is by the way.


So bold. So delightfully clueless.


The shearer's posture while holding a sheep looks just like the man who trimmed the sheep when I was a girl. I think it's a "guild" thing - the guy who taught him stood like this, and so did the guy who taught his teacher, and so forth.


All that spinning is disgustingly even. Clueless my ass - it is an adventure, the unknown. The ending is SUPPOSED to be a mystery.


Fabulous shearing shot, gorgeous yarn you've spun there. Remember when we had to practically force you to buy a wheel? (heh)

frecklegirl jess

Darn! I wish I had seen that was happening before- seems like fun...

Gorgeous singles. If one more person posts stuff from Crown Mountain, I am not going to be held accountable. ;)

frecklegirl jess

Darn! I wish I had seen that was happening before- seems like fun...

Gorgeous singles. If one more person posts stuff from Crown Mountain, I am not going to be held accountable. ;)


I love watching sheep get shorn. I've seen shearing demos wherein the shearer explains how he gets the sheep to just sit there, but it still looks like magic.

Speaking of magic, that's gorgeous spinning.

blogless sharon

beautiful spinning. We have a platform that we harness the sheep into so there is no bending just a little wrestling to get them in place.

frecklegirl jess

Darn! I wish I had seen that was happening before- seems like fun...

Gorgeous singles. If one more person posts stuff from Crown Mountain, I am not going to be held accountable. ;)


My guild is going to a sheep-to-shawl event next Saturday. I was on the fence about going, but I think you just convinced me! That's so cool! And I'm with Margene - hats off to you for spinning your hubby a sweater!


ohhh gorgeous singles indeed. I just wanted to stop by and tell you Happy Easter:)

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