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nice haul!


Glad you had a great time!


I finally came clean on the fleece this morning -- I said very casually, "I bought a fleece on Saturday." Reponse, "I figured that's what was in the bag in the garage."


Very modest. Tell me more of this rambouillet and silk......


A Touch of Twist was a great vendor! I got several silk caps from them too, very nice colors.

Teresa C

Ah, so fun. Can't wait for NH!


It looks like you had fun! Hope to see you in NH!


Looks wonderfully fun! And Judy's hair looks great - I'm so glad you got a picture of it; modern AND blonde.

I love the colors in the Bombyx silk - yum!




Small festivals are sweet! Enough for indulgence without over whelming. Remind me to bring my combs next time we'll be in the same spot. I meant that offer, but I've got a lousy memory for such things!!


Decent haul. How'd you find that blue bombyx? :D Some fun.

Marcia Cooke

Sounds like fun! Wish I had gone....oh, wait. I think I did.


Fun, fun, fun! The small festivals are the best.


I was there! I had a lapse in sanity and bought a wheel after years of insisting I would never spin!


I'm glad you had a great day but sad I wasn't there with you.


It was a wonderful day - I was so glad to see everyone after all the months of winter :o)

Beautiful haul - that bombyx silk is gorgeous!

I ended up buying two bobbins for Amelia - I have no patience and it will take forever to get a WW for her! ;o)


Ye-haw! Looks like a fun time. I'm excited to see what you spin up!


Ooo, it all looks and sounds so good. Just to see the faces of bloggers that I met at Rhinebeck is wonderful. Looks like a great haul.

Rachel H

That's all you came home with? Really?


And you got the only really nice weather day of the weekend. I hope to be able to join you all next year.


Looks like so much fun! I can't wait for our small fiber fest in October...


What Cassie and Ruth said. NH is looking good, though, and possibly MA as well. I am trying to think dry, sunny thoughts.


I bought 4 skeins of Polworth wool at Yarnover (MN Knitters' Guild annual festival/seminar) a couple weeks ago. It is gorgeous stuff.

Love the photo of Judy (blonde), casually holding her bit of fleece and spinning. It makes me think of Penelope in The Odyssey.


You are quite the fleece enabler my dear! I'm pleased as punch! Unlike Kathy, I have not yet come clean on the fleece. I actually started to haul it out of the car on Saturday while the family greeted us and promptly put it in the trunk. My fiber loving puppy is the main reason. Kind of.....


Nice! Looks like a lovely little festival. Maybe next year I'll make the trip.


Looks like so much fun!


Oooh sounds like so much fun! I hope to see you at MAS&W!

Dorothy B

It looks like it was fun and full of happy people.

I love your spring posts. I need to see pictures of others flowers. Ours won't be up for a while yet.


nice goodies - and a big "wish I was there" coming out your way from the west coast :-)


Sadly, I missed all the fun because we had anticipated much worse weather. Thanks for sharing the great photos!


Lovely. And LOL ... silk addiction, eh?


Looks like a blissful time! I am a bit envious that so many festivals are out your way...

lisa Co.  Springs

Lovely choices :) I'm so looking forward to Estes!

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