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"A Skein Amongst Friends"- " Sheep Tending Their Wool" -very lame I know. The Killer Sheep is a hoot- esp for Marcy!


Sheep:"Ohhhmmmmm" Yarn: "Ohhmmmm"


"Ohhmmm together now"


I want that killer sheep!!


A Sheepy Stand-Off over the Last Remaining Skein ...."Technically there are more of our relatives in that Skein than yours."


No, it's Definately from your side of the family!




"It wasn't me."

Beth S.

Oh, those SHEEP! :-) So cute! What a nifty find. :-)

My caption: "Never mind, guys, that stuff's Coopworth. So definitely not anyone we knew."


"Why is Laurie's yarn always so much nicer than ours?"


"Has anyone seen Marcy lately?"


"Take us to your leader."


"...and with a scream and a fizzle, the wicked Killer Sheep dissolved into a skein of Coopworth."

Lynda The Guppy

OMG!!! I MUST HAVE THOSE KILLER SHEEP! They would be PERFECT for my bookshelf with my Ireland pictures.

You see...I have a story about some killer sheep...


Lynda The Guppy

OH, and my Caption entry...

My fellow sheep, we gather here to lay to rest what remains of George's Fleece. It was taken from him suddenly and too soon, and now it is moving on to a better final resting place. May it knit in peace...


"Whose fleece is this one from?" Lame, but I'm feeling feebleminded today. Very cute little guys though.


Yeah, that skein totally sucks. What does it look like washed, my perfectionist friend?

Also, the the Iron Flock makes me extraordinarily happy. Do they have Steel Wool?


Those sheep are hysterical, but I'm no good at coming up with captions or names, so I'll leave that one to the more creative of your readers. As for your longdraw...JMM says "underspin the singles and overspin when plying. Fix everything in the plying." So spake the Queen.


The newest flock member had more dimension than the other sheep had ever seen. "Don't hate me because I'm soft and warm..." she whispered.


"Sheep Shock"


Heavy Metal sheep!! A perfect flock for the suburbs. Your perfectly serene yarn does make ones heart sing.

"Dudes...it's REAL wool. Heavy, man, heavy."


"The sheep rejected by brown sheep for their colored sheep ad decided to get together over a cup of latte wool, and disect the qualities of the ones who made the cut."

i'm evil that way


The sheep gathered 'round, awed by how Laurie had been able to spin their steel wool into soft yarn.


"is it me, or does this fence look new?"

("red rover, red rover, send the little yellow lamb over...")


I hope I can become as an accomplished spinner as you....and if not, that I can still sppreciate the simple beauty of a colorway.


"What do you s'pose this stuff is?"

Or "Sheep Debating the Wooliness of God and Intelligent Design."

I have been thinking about sastrugi ( a0 because it's what I thought was all over my yard, indeed) and b) because I am having a Kim Stanley Robinson (Antarctica) and an Ursula K. LeGuin (Left Hand of Darkness) festival) and it seems like sastrugi has a good chance of being a second English word for snow. I would like to know if there's a word for snow that appears to be shrinking in clumps and leaving a surface like basin-and-range or cellulite.


"Harold? Is that you?"


The Blueberry is aptly named, and the singles look gorgeous.


Wendy's comment CRACKED me up. I agree with you on the Dorcester Farms -- my bump spun up beautifully as well. "The village sheep gather, but are perplexed by the strangely colored wool!"

Cindy D

YESSSS!!! Saturday Spin In Blueberry makes my day!

Caption: Caution! Caution! Wolf in sheep's clothing?


"Twisted sister!"


yeah, my longdraw plying technique (merino/silk) required more twist as well... so I'll respin it. Someday.

Love the caption ideas. The coopworth did spin up like buttah.


"The ewes gathered their babies round to show them what happens to bad little lambs."


Is that what happens when you fall asleep?


"Welcome back, Carter!"
"The crowd admires Sarah's donation to Flocks of Love."

Dorothy B

Fleeced by the Flock.

"Youse guys keep it shut, see. I ain't gonna be happy if I gotta fleece alla youse." - The little green one.

I like your yarn.


"Could be worse. Could be chops! You don't see any mint around here, do you?" ...or

"Dude, what happened to the fence we usually jump over? Is that were Stan went?"

Lovely yarn. :D


"Whitey got whacked!"

That Laurie

"I don't care what you say; that long, squiggley thing doesn't look anything like Aunt Esther!"


"So THIS is how you separate the sheep from the wool!"


"The flock really did not understand Eunice's latest practical joke"


"Huh, funny how different it feels when it's on my back"

However, I would vote for Jen's suggestion above-- "The crowd admires Sarah's donation to Flocks of Love."


"Dang, how does she do it? Mine always comes out more like... well... steel wool."

Lynne aka Witchypoo

Are you my mommy?


There's only one thing Woodstock sheep would say: "Fleece, man. Fleece"

Here's one more: "Here lies Mabel. May she rest in fleece"

Love the killer sheep.


"It takes a village to raise a child"


love the drifts - may the wind blow your spirit towards more joy at all times.

and the caption - don't know if anyone can top Wendy's... omgosh, it made me laugh. but how about:
'hey Sally, you look pretty good all twisted up, sister"


Gosh there are some good ones, and I had one in mind very similar to Wendy's. Gotta give it to her hands down!


The three sheep saying to the four... 'what have you done with our furry friend'. Personally, I was so enthralled by the Spunky Eclectic colors that I didn't notice anything amiss with your skein (but then you are a much better spinner than I).


I meant to come back when I had something really clever, and of course you could hold the contest open forever and I'd still be stumped. So, too late for glory and just for fun: "Uh oh, it looks like Rambu's been working on that string theory again."


I love those little sheep....and the killer sheep is Rich..haha!

"Which side of the fence are ewe on?"


Thank you, Ms. Etherknitter, for your nice plug that takes folks to my blog. I very much appreciate your kindness.


There's a new indie film called Black sheep blogged about at http://habetrot.typepad.com/habetrot/2007/03/theres_a_new_br.html .
The snarling sheep may or may not be a character in or inspired by this new horror movie! More info is here http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0779982/

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