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It's so pretty! I still have not a) succeeded in felting Taz's mitten b) started the second mitten -- and now the weather isn't biting me in exposed places to urge me to finish them.

Beth S.

I've already seen snowdrops in bloom, in Cambridge! They are hardy little things, to have survived the recent cold snap.

A blue and purple bag... now who would have guessed? ;-)


Adorable bag. We'll get pictures of the snowdrops, right?


I just love your Ethercolored felted bag!


Snowdrops are such a delightful flower...I missed them out our way this year. Nice either bag...you and Lorrie work well together;-)


I love that bag. I'm a sucker for a good felted bag.

I don't have firsthand knowledge of this, but people tell me repeatedly that it is indeed possible to stop a front-loader mid-cycle. There is just a timed delay before you can open the door. Maybe not with your model? Also, I have enough felting experience that I never worry. The problem (if there is a problem) is UNDERfelting, never OVERfelting. Just put that sucker on a few loads and you're done.


The bag is very cute. I once felted something. It wasn't very successful.

And - silly me - I thought that was a spool of thread. I forgot whose blog I was on. ;-)


My aunt C ran out of yarn for her Ellen's HP socks, and she was following one of Ellen's patterns. The socks are beautiful, even with contrasting toes...

The bag is just right. Nice work!


Knit the two socks from the two ends of the ball of yarn -- what a concept! I'd have to buy more dpns, darn ;-)


Very clever of you to use the ends of the sock yarn. Love the bag and the cooperation used to complete the project.


You know you're a doctor when . . .


It went from 40 to high 60s here in like 2 days. Blech. I like it a more gradual warm-up than that. Sounds like mud season is gonna be really bad in your neck o' the woods this year.


Loving your bag! And don't worry. Snow will soon cover your damp ground!


My yard is a squishy mess too- kind of like walking on a saturated sponge ozzing muddy water. Well, todays freezing temps should firm things right up- until the precipitation starts to fall in the form of snow and rain and something in between. Can Spring just show it's face please and leave winter well behind? Oh, sorry...end of rant. I love your felted bag! Perfect Etherknitter colors. I've been wanting to make a felted bag and clogs. Not sure if my washing machine will cooperate in the felting process.


I am looking out my window, and will assume that your spring fever is gone by now.

Melissa G

One lonely snowdrop came up (I think I have to re-site them) but as of this morning the daffodils are breaking out of their buds!

Cindy D

What a good friend you have!

"I get by with a little help from my friends!" oooooouuuu Gonna try with a little help from my friends!"

Forgive me I'm on a Beatles trip...LOL.


great bag! and how fun that you had enough yarn for the socks (I haven't done a toe-up yet either)
I keep holding myself back from going out to pull weeds and turn the dirt, but I can sense a bout of spring fever creeping in fast.

Dorothy B

A very cute bag.

If spring fever were measurable, I'd be in ICU right now. I was eyeing up the one spot on the driveway that didn't have snow and ice on it, wondering how hard it would be to plant in gravel.


Hey Laurie; Your words always bring vibrant images to mind. I love the image of you in the mud, pulling weeds uncontrollably.
My frontload washer makes fulling difficult as well. I have gotten to the point where I run it through 3 times. After that, if it needs more, I farm it out to a top load. The thoughts of purchasing an inexpensive agitating washer has paraded through my mind quite often.
I have moved from Typepad. So come on over and check out the new blog!


Adorable bag - love the colors.

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