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You bought YARN? I bought NO yarn!


Gosh, one of these years, I'm going to have to try to make it to this . . . you people are making me crazy with your gorgeous, tempting purchases!!


That's a great quote.

Cindy D

Waaaaaaaahhhh! I missed all the fun! Glad you bought yarn....


Mark Twain?

I think you were quite circumspect.


I think, based on how colorful those pictures are, that I'm not sure what I'll think the next time I read "in the usual colorway."

Was great to see you this past weekend, though I am sorry I didn't get a chance to touch base with you before I headed out.


Wow...you have some very nice lovelies there!!! It was GREAT to see you this weekend!


I'm trying to put a positive spin on my not going to SPA: look at all the money I saved. Nah, not working! Gorgeous purchases!


nice haul


I bought the same Indigo Moon alpaca/merino/silk at Rhinebeck. I'm so sad she will not be there when I return. Now I'm not sure if I should spin that lovely fiber...sigh. You did well in the acquisition department!
Your skein of plied blue is so beautiful!


Somehow I missed your somewhat purplish aquisitions --- they're not blue?!

I just have one bone to pick with you... this is restraint? ;-)


Ignore Cassie. Given the circumstances, I think you showed great restraint. :D


Wait - IndigoMoon is leaving the fiber business?!? WHY?!? This is a sad moment.

Beth S.

Lots of visuals today--I love that. :-) But I am astonished to hear that Indigo Moon is closing up shop! Such a shame...


Lovely! Great haul o' stuff. And you were right - you should NEVER ignore the voices.


I suffered from The Madness apparently, a wee bit more than you...

Stunning purchases, my dear!


Pretty stuff! I picked up some blue Indigo Moon roving as well, though only 3 oz (that's all they had left).


looks like some grand acquisitions overall. Enjoy!


I think you were positively economical.

I like Mr. Bojangles particularly.

blogless sharon

I too bought batt from Indigo Moon. Great fun had by all


How can you go wrong with such great choices?! I especially like the sky-colored roving and look forward to seeing what these become under your hands.


Great purchases! The Voices are never wrong. Well, almost never.


Gorgeous stuff. I am sick about Indigo Moon. I almost put in an order too -- drats!


Your voices give you good advice. Love all the colors you bought. Scrumptious.


You made quite a haul yourself! So beautiful.


Beautiful acquisitions, Laurie! :o)


I came across you from Cindy's Saturday Spin in.. and really am enjoying seeing your spun yarn and fibers. You do a really wonderful job on the loft of you yarns. Any Hints? I used to spin this way many years ago.. then trained myself to spin thin and woolen... do you spin worsted?
I think your colors are so yummy,visit my spun stuff at my blog and let me know what you think.. I do have a single art yarn there that is thicker but I am so impressed by the quality of your plied wool, i wanna spin like you!! ( whining and stomping the spinning foot) Please tell me the wheel makes all the difference, as I have a very old ashford , i do love it but need to save for a newbie wheel.

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