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Feather & Fan socks: All right not feeling the love, but that's all the more reason to post 'em, so the rest of us can be warned against the pattern. Is the sole stockinette at least? Is there a mesh insole that's the problem, or inside the ankle in the boots? Suggested modifications, or just find a totally different pattern?


I agree with you all the way. How can those of us who know the pleasure of going unplugged periodically, pass it on to those who don't?


You definitely have something there. Everything is speeded up and plugged in, and it's harder than ever to find community -- especially at this time of year when everyone's been hibernating for several months (you're lost inside your houses/every woman, child and man -- sorry, random 60s lyrics snippet). It makes us edgy.

The sock is purty, anyway.


I would also attribute some of the overstimulation to advertising everywhere (billboards, sides of buses, bus stops, sides of cars, etc.). And I know a lot of people who said they turned on the tv for company even before cell phones and ipods.

(I find that my ipod, if not my cell phone, has some of the same effect as knitting does in making me less impatient. This is especially true when I'm doing lots of repetitive and boring-at-small-scale work.)


Other shoes will make you happier. I'm rather fond of clogs to show off socks, too.
It's sad that people feel they can treat others rudely or tell them how to live, write, feel, etc. We should all take a step back and refocus on what is important and learn to repsect everyone.


Pretty yarn, though.
I think an added dimension is the anonymity. We have lost our personal connection to the world at large - we are cut off from people by phones, by cars, by music, by internet. We are alone and lonely and overstimulated and hyperconnected, and it's really really easy to take out your frustrations on someone who is insulated from you by metal (in a car), by the internet, by the phone. We don't talk face to face anymore.


What margene said! That may be lazy, but I couldn't really articulate it any better.

I have a real love/hate relationship with technology. I love that my kids can reach me anytime/most anywhere, but I hate the fact that there's little if any separation between work and home. It's ironic that our quest to remain "connected" at all times actually creates a disconnect from what's really important in life.


I personally don't see the allure of swathing the feet in lace, though I do acknowledge that guys generally have different standards from ladies on the matter. I agree with Lucia about them being purty, though, which is why I took a pic of them at Spa.

Re: rudeness, I was saying to David last night that they should forget that No Child Left a Dime crap and require classes in reading, math, critical thinking, and basic manners. If kids were taught how to treat one another respectfully and how to string together cogent thoughts instead of being taught how to perform on standardized tests, we'd be a much happier world.


I think you may be on to something. Too bad you don't have a thesis to right.


I am amazed that people think Utah drivers are bad - here with our niceness and wide highways. 95 thru Boston on a Friday night is like a suicide trip thru Ultimate Frogger. Oy.


I like that theory. When I bought my Uggs, I was told they were meant to be worn without socks. I love all that fuzzy fleece on my feet.


Interesting thesis. How long will evolution take to catch up? HURRY!



You are a wise, wise woman. I have another layer to add. What do Elisa and Stephanie's locales have in common? Cold -- sometimes frigid - weather. My theory is that those of us who reside in cold climates get extra cranky in the winter. As my mom, a native New Englanders said as we strolled through Home Depot in a very warm Jacksonville, Florida, "why is everyone so NICE here?!?" And, IMHO, there should be cell phone police who hand out ticket to unsafe and rude (loud conversations on commuter bus) cell phone users.

As for the socks, I am sorry that you are not feeling the love, because they are good looking, for sure!


Right on, Sister! I have had my own rant about rampantly rude cell phone users. Whatever the reasons, I'm wondering when we'll finally reach the tipping point, and how it will be played out. Would you like the socks better if you had just done the F&F pattern on the legs, and not on the feet? Because it sure is a pretty pattern to look at.


I'm with ya all the way. I'd also like to add to the list the temptation to turn something on when you get home - the radio, the tv. Stay unplugged a bit, I say (she writes, as she types on her computer through dinner....)


I can only tell you from experience that it became much less fun to practice law (and much more stressful) when faxing and emailing became commonplace. Thankfully, I bailed from private practice before the advent of Crackberries.


Dude. I live in the Berkshires. Rudeness is (unfortunately) a daily occurrence here. It's all the 'upfers' who can't handle the fact that their cell phones and computers stop working as soon as they enter the County. They start waving their fists and crying like little girls - fun to watch! ;o)

Beautiful sockage!


I spent the last 36 hrs unplugged. Lovely. Needed to check some business stuff tonight or it would have been 72+. My bestest buds spend hours alone and in silence. We seem to marry chatterboxes. Point and counterpoint.


Amen my dear friend. Love the socks. I say try them in different shoes and re-evaluate. Or put them on sock blockers and hang them- they'd make nice eye candy. :-)

That Laurie

Lovely sock -- and very much on target observations about the ease to anger, I think. We should all get a time out -- a day without any email/iPod/cell phones/etc.

It is a thought.


Thank You.


i was traveling once in minnesota with my boss for business and we were speculating on why everyone was so nice in the midwest (we'd also traveled to iowa on a related trip). one of my ideas was because in the northeast we are so packed together with very little personal space. we get ornery because people are always invading our space. bumping into us. think about places where people are considered "friendlier" ... there's more room.

even in the suburbs of boston only 35 miles west, i don't run into the rudeness that elisa does (or that i did when i lived in town) whether it be on the road, or at the supermarket. (maybe i also have a much meaner face and so no one messes with me. even if i drive a tiny red car).


Please explain to me exactly what it is that people talk about on cell phones that couldn't wait until they get home? There should be a special place in hell for folks yakking away on the phone blocking the supermarket aisles--especially in front of the chocolate!

Boston drivers have been notorious for years, long before cells and pods. I've no idea why.


Another thing that is fueling the rudeness, I think, is how impersonal our society has become. It's much easier to be rude to someone you don't know, and so many people these days don't even know their neighbors (they work in Boston all day, come home at night, never see the neighbors during daylight...). I am a consciously polite driver around town here because I figure I either know the person in the other car, or I'll be introduced to them some day and I don't want them to say, oh, you're the bitch who threw me the finger at the rotary.

Beth S.

Oh, I'm so sorry you don't like the socks! Give them a try with different shoes before you write them off... and remember that you may feel entirely differently about them in the spring, when a little ventilation around the feet can be a very pleasant thing. :-)

My rudeness story (we all have one) concerns a couple who arrive at the commuter rail stop several minutes after I do, and then stand about two inches to the left of me. Then when the train appears, if the door is to my right, they all but trample me in order to get to it first. I wouldn't mind if they would just wait on my right to begin with, you know? But being shoved past at the last minute, like I'm an object of some sort instead of a fellow passenger who is CLOSER to the DOOR, absolutely makes my blood boil. The worst of it is that I could easily go wait somewhere else on the platform, but if I do that, then their rude behavior is rewarded. It's quite a dilemma.


Ditto the "pretty yarn" comment. And here's hoping for a reduction of mesh.

Melissa G


Three more thoughts: (1) My five year old son asked why people have wires coming out of their heads (2) Somewhere (in an intro psych course?) I learned about rat society and especially what happens when it becomes overcrowded--civilization breaks down (3) The lines between private and public behavior are being smudged if not erased.


For Lent I turned off the radio in my car. It gives me some quiet time in the day. And although it's been hard to get used to, I'm starting to like it.


Nothing quite like quiet.

The socks are very pretty... how about birks, do you wear them. I prefera smooth sock inside a shoe and often stop the pattern a bit after the instep. Not as lovely, but comfy.


I think your theory is spot-on. I find myself going batty if I don't have regular periods of silence/quiet during my day. Hard to find these days, but I feel even just 15min of quiet helps center me.


love your analogies and theories. I'm in agreement - too much noise - all the time. not enough "down time"= cranky kids.
I am loving that we live in the country, and actually have a home where there is no cell phone connection (woo hoo)
Pretty socks. hopefully you'll find the shoes that make them feel comfy.

Dorothy B

I completely agree with you about cell phones and iPods. Although I would add that too many people don't feel like they can unplug due to employers who care for nothing but the bottom line and continue to demand more and more of their employees off-time. It's gotten so bad that some people wind up being on call 24/7/365 and they are not emergency personnel. They are white collar office workers whose work really could wait until morning to get done if only employers would back off and be happy making a good profit instead of record profits.

Lee Ann

It completely freaks me out to see people walking down the street talking on earpiece cellphones. Makes me feel like the local funny farm gave everyone a vacation day, and I end up with a permanent "are you talking to me???" look on my face.

I make my husband wait until the very last moment he's out of the house to plug the MP3 player into his ears. Otherwise, he can't hear the "I love you." And dude, if you can't hear the I love you, that's just sad.


Uggs are not sock friendly - says so right on the box. Try 'em with shoes and if THAT fails - on your toes in front of the fire. There is a place for each handknit SOMEWHERE.

Silence. I forget what that is sometimes. I love my cell and wireless earpiece - even though I am both rude and crazy looking with it. And I love the computer and the MP3 and the stereo and Gray's Anatomy. But I do get snappish and drive too aggressively and feel isolated. Is it the technology? Too many people? Not enough peace? Fear?
A lost habit of solitude?.

Maybe I'll make a point of not using my communicating technology tonight.


Joe and I have a theory that the fact that we're all plugged in all the time means that we aren't talking to other humans and starting to feel that they are an invasion into the private world we construct for ourselves. Getting out of practice with each other...you know?

I love your theory.

frecklegirl jess

I have noticed that I have turned into a total ADD girl and I think that you have hit the nail on the head here. I just can't be quiet and just be anymore. Trying to get on a regular yoga schedule because that helps me embrace the quiet a little better.

Maybe your socks will be more comfy in reg shoes because Uggs are very hot?

Teresa C

On this topic, you and I could sit and discuss for hours I think. Pet peeve (the rudeness and selfish thing) doesn't even cover it.

I LOVE the socks. I hope your feet start feeling the love, they are beautiful. I am working on a pair of socks with yos and holes right now. I'm not always a fan of yos and holes in my socks. I hope I like these, because they are purty.

Peg in Kensington, CA

I suspect you are right on the connectedness issue. But I have had a happier experience with those socks. I like that you get a fair of amount of razzle factor without a huge amount of thought. Knit them on zeros with Opel Handpainted and I like them a lot. Usually wear them with my clog-like shoes. I did do a bit of walking in them in my running shoes and was not thrilled, but I suspect that was just the wool socks in general as opposed to Feather and Fan.


Another person who's distressed/puzzled by rudeness in modern life, here.

I think you hit the "overstimulation" nail right on the head - I get overwhelmed easily (usually by fifteen people doing the I NEED IT NOW!!! thing to me, when the real reason they NEED IT NOW is because they neglected to ask me for it earlier). Usually that's when I feel like I'm about ready to dissolve in tears.

Sleep helps. Turning off the tv helps. Reading helps. For me, listening to quiet wordless music helps.

I also agree with the anonymity issue that commenters have brought up: it is much easier to dismiss someone to the devil when you don't know their backstory. And it's really easy to get self-absorbed and see the world as a video game where all the other people are not people, but obstacles to your own happiness. And I think some people do that.

I have a cell phone, but it's turned off most of the time. I tell my students I have voice mail on my office phone and they can reach me that way. I'm lucky that I'm in academia so I don't have a boss insisting I'm reachable 24/7...I think the new luxury will be being able to be unplugged; that you have "made it" in life when you're not so much at someone's beck and call that you have to carry a cell phone everywhere.

As for people who VOLUNTARILY do it, so their friends can reach them at all times, I'm a bit puzzled. I love my friends but I don't necessarily want to talk to them when I'm grocery shopping or out for a walk.

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