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How handsome Mr. E. looks in his new hat. It transformed into a beautiful swan -- those views don't hurt either :-)


Yay!! Fabulous! The pom pom is the bomb.


Some of the best hats look like nothing until you put them on a good-looking head! 'Scuse me, my nose is bleeding...


Oh, mazel tov on the "ugly child" -- which is not ugly at all, as you proved yourself. 11,000 feet above sea level! I've never been at even 5,000 feet, I don't believe. The top of Mt. Mansfield is only 3,400, if I'm not mistaken, and that's as top-of-the-world as I've ever been. (well, except in a plane, of course) I can't even imagine breathing at 11,000 feet!!!


Oh sure....make me homesick...ahhh the Burn. Memories what memories.

Oh yeah knitting. The hat is ruggedly handsome, so is Mr. E. Great job.


The hat is wonderful. But, OH! What a backdrop!


Yum. I had no idea. And the hat will keep him warm; no one but you thinks it's ugly. You can enjoy removing it, slowly.


Awesome job Laurie! Mr E certainly looks happy and handsome in his handknit hat accompanied by breathtaking views.


Knitting can be mysterious in its transformation from a 'not much to write home about' project to a fabulous piece of warm clothing. Nice work with the spinning and knitting!!
It looks like CO needs more snow. We do!!!


Woh. Just woh.


:-) - your first handspun project looks good. As does Mr. E.


Lovely hat - lovely Hubby - lovely backdrop!

Good job all around. :D


woo hoo - your first hand spun project is a success - and it looks great on Mr E.


There's nothing more snuggly looking (to me, at least) than a bearded, smiling male in a hand-knit. The background doesn't hurt, either :-)

Nessa Z.

Hey, that's really handsome! And a nice-looking guy, as well. I'm admiring >all< the views in that photo! Gotta love that facial foliage. I likes me a nice beard to run my fingers through. Congrats on your handspun, may there be many more!


Dude. You totally win.


Bravo! Well done. Your hat looks just right on Mr. E, who looks just right on the mountain.


What? It looks great! Of course the devastatingly handsome model helps.


That is a great hat and the picture behind him.........OH MY! What a beautiful mountain!

Dorothy B

Gorgeous pictures! Mr. E's hat looks really good on him too.


NICE! Good for your for sticking it out, and getting that hat on his head. Bet it's warm too!!


Wow. Location, location, location.

Beth S.

Your first handspun project?! Can that be?...

I'm impressed. It looks warm, and it seems to fit perfectly. And it stayed on his head during a day of skiing... I can think of no better test for a hat. ;-)


Your first handspun project, eh? Are you addicted yet? ;-)


Fantastic! All of it!

Melissa G

Great views! We're looking forward to Elk Camp and the Highlands. People there think we're odd because we just go for the skiing.

Diane E.

Rugged hat for a rugged mountain, great photos!


Oh wow! There's no ugly duckling anywhere in that picture, that's for sure!

Congrats for your first handspun FO - it's fun, isn't it?


Bravo! The hat looks great ... as does the model.


Mr. Etherknitter looks positively majestic up there. I think the hat is fantastic, very manly and rugged. Even with the pom pom. :)


nice hat!
now that's what i call a backdrop!

Cindy D

Lucky Gent wearing a handspun handknitted hat with CO background as a superb setting. Methinks the man doth look very warm!!!

Caroline M

Such a good use for a first handspun FO. I'm not sure I could pom pom my own yarn - spin it ply it and then chop it into pieces?

Just remind us again what you thought was wrong with this?

frecklegirl jess

pictures from spa!!!



The hat looks great! Mr. Etherknitter looks quite pleased. The backdrop is incredible.

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