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Mine is very supportive of my fiber habit because he knows how happy it makes me. But he deliberately likes to screw up the terminology and keeps saying "You always have to go out and buy more gauge, don't you?" I think if he brought up something like picot, I'd faint.

Rachel H

Is it wrong that I now have a wee crush on Mr. E?


We all love Mr. E. That title should most definitely be a bumper sticker.

Beth S.

He knows the word "picot". That's astonishing! When's he going to pick up the needles, I wonder?

And now that you have come over to the dark side, I'm so happy. :-) You know there's no turning back, right?... Seriously, it's a rare day when I use any other edge but that one on my socks.


Mr. E is THE BEST! Even Himself doesn't know what picot is, although he does know what a heddle looks like, snort.

Teresa C

Oh, the picot is a wonderful thing. Apparently, just like Mr. E!


Teresa! You're alive! ;-)


knitflogger. Hee.


Mr. E is funny. Love the term knitflogger! Hehe and you were picoting the whole time! And tell Terry she needs to get back to blogging!


Just based on that picture alone, my next pair will be (at least attempted) picot. Good for you. C doesn't know how to find my blog. Just saying.


Now and then DH will surprise me with a bit of textile knowledge. He learned "picot" from my tatting in high school, but I don't think he knows it also refers to that style of hem. He does get nearly all the jokes in Stephanie P-McP's books, and he's spent enough time up at Alden and Steph's that he knows how to spin. Knitting and spinning don't grab him, though, perhaps because he knows I'll knit his socks for him?


You and Mr. E are a perfect pair (like picot socks). You need to be challenged and he does that so well, plus he knows the lingo. He has a secret desire to knit but just isn't sure how it fits into his persona...that's what I think, anyway;-)




Picot edges...I'm so impressed. You are much the braver sockknitter.


Very nicely knit.


Sometimes it is the simplest of things that can be the biggest challenge.


I have a completely unreasonable love of picots. I want to put them on all my socks. Yours are quite lovely.


Your picot edging is beautiful. I tried it once on "Fetching" and it looked horrible - execution issues I'm sure.

"Knitflogger" - ROTFLMEEFWAO!


I am completely in awe, being picot challenged myself. (You may need to be challenged, but I do not, being challenged in so many ways already.)


Oooh, I do loves me a picot! And yes, I'm not sure what to think when the men in our lives know the lingo of what we do.


Nothing like a good picot edging and a better husband. Nice color, too.


It's fun when the DH learns the terms - and still surprising when he uses them!


That picot sitting there makes me want to cast on more socks!

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