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Birthday? Did I know about this? Evidently not! Well, happy birthday, dear! I'm glad you spent it in a lovely way, filled with friends and mountains and yarn.


Sounds like a wonderful trip, birthday-wise, celebration-wise and even (dare I say it?) skiing-wise. I have once, just once, underpacked knitting for a trip. I have never done it again.


Welcome Home! Gotta love it when knitting and skiing meet up with the 3 ply run lol. Perfect! Glad you had a wonderful time.

Cindy D

Sounds like a wonderful and safe birthday celebration amongst the ski slopes!!! Happy Belated Birthday, Laurie!!


Happy belated irthday. It sounds and looks like a marvelous time was had by all.That white stuff in the pictures looks familiar: I think we used to see it on the east coast.


Glad you are home safe and sound and had a fun visit (without any tours of the local hospitals) this time!


I miss you...we miss you! Utah isn't the same without Lauie and Mr. E in the mountains. You left just in time...it's frigid here and not expected to warm much until weeks end. Miribella is a constant reminder of you, the delightful evenings and our friendship. You are the best.


You've conquered and returned. So happy that you had such a good time. Looks like you've brought the cooler temps back with you. Oh yes, it is snowing north of you!


I was wondering if Mr. E would hit the slopes. Glad it was a good (and safe!) trip.


YAY for relaxing! So glad you all had a good trip.


3 Ply. hahahahaha

Welcome back.


So happy that this ski trip went well for you. May each one in the future be even better, and always safer.


OK, but now I want a pic of you *knitting* the sock.


I'm thrilled to hear that this trip resulted in only happy memories. You guys deserved this!


Sounds like a WONDERFUL birthday--I'm so glad! And that sunbathing-in-the-snow picture just cracks me up. I've never been skiing, is that a common thing? You look very, very happy, though!


Talk about getting back on the horse....

Good work. Maybe there will be some local skiing worth driving for soon.


i'm so glad to hear that both you and mr. E got back on the horse so to speak and won.


Black diamond plying! Yikes! Caution! Dangerous plying ahead!

Glad you had good skiing. :D


Whew! Glad that this was a fun skiing trip and not a traumatic one.


Stormy skies for a plane trip? Good thing you're not superstitous. Glad you had a good trip.


So glad that the beauty soothed your fears.. the mountains are so worth it! It is a hard fear to face, but our bodies will do their best to keep us going and pursuing our passions. Welcome safely back home.


So you're telling me I can stop holding my breath now? No need to keep my son on alert? I'm so glad! And, I'd know that sky anywhere! Glad you are both back safe and sound...we go out in May, but obviously, skiers we're not!


I'm so glad you had such a nice birthday and who better than to share it with! Beautiful pictures!


Thank goodness you went back and had an uneventful trip. Now that ghost is vanquished (I hope)!

Bookish Wendy

I'm so glad you had a fabulous birthday! AND you got back up on that horse! ;)

lisa Co.  Springs

What a wonderful birthday trip---many happy (belated) returns!
As for metal needles---I haven't had any issues with the TSA, have you?


Three cheers for getting back on the horse!

Late happy birthday.


So glad you had a good trip and a good birthday :o) Welcome home!


love the lounging on the beach. hah! Glad you had such fun with Margene - you definately deserve it!

Beth S.

A wine bar! In Utah! I bet you needed a special password to get in. ;-)

I'm so glad the two of you got to go up the mountain again, sans drama. It takes guts to get back on a horse that big, you know?... (Of course you do.)

No Silver Fork Lodge...?


Look how stylin' you are in all black -- love the helmet :-)


I missed the birthday pile-on, being on the road myself, but sent birthday wishes through the ether instead. I trust they got there, you having a direct line and all.

It sounds like a lovely time. Happy happy.

Dorothy B

Glad you have a great birthday. It looks like it was great fun.

Happy Belated!


That's amazing that Mr. E has healed enough to be back skiing again. Fantastic. Happy Belated Birthday - that's some present he gave you, eh?

lynne s of Oz

Oooh, happy very belated birthday. Those ski runs and views look divine! Glad it all went well :-)


Welcome home!


Glad you had a good time and returnes home safely! The sunbathing picture cracks me up.


Happy Belated birthday! That beach photo just makes me laugh!

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