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That's awesome. And very different from how it looked when I saw it in June.


Now THAT is a very cool photo. Almost enough to make me want to fly.... or undergo anesthesia....whichever. :)


You're home? Well? Intact? All of you?

Beth S.

I didn't know you were a nervous flier. Is it just the myriad ground-based hassles and indignities, or is it the being-up-that-high part?

That last photo is amazing... it makes me understand why Margene chuckles about our "mountains".


My neck is often sore and crooked as I leave the airplane. Looking down on the landscape is so compelling. Great picture!


See, I love skiing on ice. I know what I'm doing there. You put me in powder and I sink like a stone.


Yes, actually. I *am* aware how much you hate flying.



I'm ambivalent about flying, fear anesthesia, and LOVE those mountains! Although skiing any way is a ship that has sailed for me, I still wish I could!

Melissa G

I fear anesthesia more than flying probably because I know better what can go wrong...
Not having skied Utah, I must ask what drainage is that? Awesome.


What an incredible picture!


My dad was a commercial airline pilot. Remind me not to tell you the stuff I know about them. ;) FABulous photo.


That is a *great* photo. I wonder if I could make knitting look something like that...


Looks like a leaf... I loved flying from Denver to Boise - the landscape enchanted me. To and from the Midwest on a spring night when the prairie is fired - incredible.


Beautiful photo. It (the center of the photo) sort of resembles the hard palate of humans and animals too. Love the comparison you gave, however I'd rather fly thank you, with one exception as you know.


Did Mr. Etherknitter ski also? I distintly remember a significant mishap...


I love looking out at the landscape. I particularly like it when you're low enough to see lights and even houses - I always wonder about the people who live there.....


That picture out the plane window is absolutely stunning. Wow.


what a fabulous photo. It almost looks like it could be a leaf pattern in a lace shawl.
flying over the mountains is always a bit daunting isn't it.


it's true! it does look like the brain. but a whole lot less squishy.


Lace Leaf pattern, yes. Brain pattern yes. Underwater wave pattern too. "This was once a great inland sea." Nice catch.
If you like geology have you read any of John McPhee's books? Just re-read "Assembling California" and will start "Basin & Range". His writing is a good travelling companion.


Instead of brains I see Klingon forehead. Hey, that just makes me another kind of geek. :)

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