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Oh that's priceless. I'm also spying your reflection in the side view mirror and why is Mr. Fix It wearing a white shirt when he's working on the car? Does he do his own laundry? *smile*

I have a great Mr. Fix it myself. Aren't they wonderful.


my mr. fixit is awesome too. however, he'd never wear such a search and there's no way he would wear protective gloves.

Cindy D

As long as you aren't Gone with the Wind or forgetting to store food for the winter you'll be fine! Yes.... helping hands in the mechanical department means everything. My Mr. Fixit put up curtain rods for me today


Can I borrow Mr. E to fix my side-view mirror? I'll bring fiber and wine.


My version of Mr. Fix-It just finished painting the family/living room/library. (We don't quite know what it is anymore...) Whilst I languish in robe and slippers, coughing and blowing and otherwise pretending to be sicker than I am. He's now vacuuming, glory be! I should get sick more often!


There you are in the mirror! Mr. and Mrs. E. enjoying a Sunday and avoiding 'real life'. That's our way, too;-)


Fixing the car on a balmy day in November? Nah, we prefer to wait for a sub-zero day in January to do the oil change and replace the fuel pump and maybe even put on the new tires. That way we feel so virtuous when it's all done. Of course, my own Mr. Fix-It is working about a gazillion hours a week at work, so it's totally understandable.


I'm the only one to say I love the purple gloves :D


Why the purple nitrile gloves?


But what's he doing?


I love that your caught doing the catching, too. ; ) Why, that's wonderful Y.


In purple nitrile gloves, no less!


The man fixes in style! Mine spent the better part of the afternoon/ evening putting up Christmas icicle lights and painstakingly testing each tiny light to see which one had burned out a whole one foot section. Of course it was the last light he tested that was bad. He didn't have the purple nitrile gloves, but did wear what I call a miners light on his head once the sun went down to better see what he was doing.


Those Y chromosomes are good for a few things :-). I like that you spent the day taking pictures, while he worked....hehe

Teresa C

I love how you caught yourself in action in the photo too. :)

Dorothy B

Having a Mr. Fix-it so very cool. Although I wish my Mr. Fix-it would wear the gloves. I may have to find some and see if he'll try those ones.

Love your reflection.


Love that pic! I am fast reaching crunch time myself, where the Holiday Monster reaches out and grabs me and CRUNCH there is no escape.


A v ery good choice for "Y".


I'm digging the purple gloves. The modern Mr. Fix-It!


That's a great Y!

Bookish Wendy

Hey! Where did he get those gloves? A certain hospital?! ;)


Although short, this post was wonderful. I love the way you can evoke emotion and this time it was laughter! Gotta love it!


great Y post - and I totally agree - our Mr Fix-its are the best!
btw - I see you peeking thru the reflection in the mirror. great shot. :-)


I love that picture. I miss you.

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