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I never got skiing, but I do go skating or just tramping now and then. The cookies are essential. (I make a mean chocolate-chip-oatmeal cookie, although I do say it. If we ever meet in a non-food-vending venue I'll bring some.)


Your picture reminds me of my woods in the winter. There is even a little brook that loops its way through the woods.

Last winter, I had my best winter ever. I would bundle myself up in my hand knits and tramp through those woods, snug as a bug.


Your photo makes me hear the swoosh and crunch of skiing in the woods, feel the bite of the air, smell the wet wool and that crisp scent of winter. Thank you!!!!


Pretty. But cold.


Your picture could have been taken at Silver Lake last Sunday. You'll see tomorrow....


What a beautiful ecclectic (sp?)picture! LOVE it!


Beautiful picture thanks for sharing.


beautiful photo.


Very cool photo-love the lines. It evokes numbingly cold feet in ski boots as a child in Austria, however.


That's a really cool picture. Looks cold, but pretty.

Marcy, Not so Blogless

Lovely photo. I can hear the silence of the woods.

Beth S.

It's that scene from Return of the Jedi! You know the one. :-)

(Yeah, I could have said something about Robert Frost, but I went with the Ewoks instead. Oh well.)


So pretty. I've never gone cross-country skiing; only downhill -- I just may give it a try.


beautiful - is that a stand of birch?

lisa Co.  Springs

Juat gorgeous, Laurie.

lisa Co.  Springs

Just gorgeous, Laurie.


Laurie - your picture looks like a Bev Doolittle painting. Only thing missing is the painted ponies. Absolutely gorgeous!


i miss cross country skiing.


*sigh* Now that the leaves are down, I find myself itching for snow and the feel of my XC poles in my hands. Thanks.

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