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Cassie's right, as usual. In this house I'm the only one with under-100-gram socks. Smallness and Himself have huge paws and delight in choosing accent or coordinated yarns for their toes.

The maple is beautiful. Small and I were enjoying the color in some Bradford pears today.

Oh, here you go. Is it a sin if you can't see it?


Can't think of a better place to hide sins than shoes. Now I need to think of someplace where I can hide fleece - shoes just don't cut it.


Bummer about the sock yarn. The maple leaves are gorgeous!


Gorgeous leaves, when its been kind of a stinker leaf-wise around here this fall. Cassie is right about the shoe, that is the beauty of sock projects.


Oh, you are a SMART lady! I see your lifeline thread in your lace. Did I have one in my lace project...nope and did I accidently pull out many stitches last night (after a glass, maybe 2 of wine)...yes.. and was I cursing when I had to tink back 6 rows...YES. Will I ever learn....time will tell...LOL!


I vote for silly toes. Pink maybe.


Ooh, the Japanese Maple is gorgeous. Such a rich red.

Marcy, Not so Blogless

You know. . .if you just knit a little faster, you wouldn't run out of yarn before you're finished.


Sin schmin. Go for bold toes!


Luv the leaves! Your pictures are really, really good. Are you sure you are not a photographer? The sock dilema is funny. Of course you can do the foot different, unless you want to wear them with sandals. May have some explaining to do if that is the case!


"...if you knit a little faster..." too funny Marcy! Funky toes would be cool!


Always keep some solid sock yarn around...contrast heels and toes look like you meant to do it that way! Weren't the red maples just astounding this year?!

Caroline M

I'm a contrast heels and toes woman myself. My current favorites (it may have changed by next week) are purple ones with red heels and toes. They are my stealth socks, they look respectable until I take my shoes off and then they shout "look at me".

(Your socks may work out to be as pricey as cashmere but you can be happy that they will wear longer)


I spread out expensive sock yarn with inexpensive contrasting heels and toes. It looks okay, and the inexpensive stuff usually wears better.

I agree on limited lace time. But I've got to the point where lace knitting is like sock knitting. I just have to have at least one project on the needles. Thank goodness for charts and sticky notes! I don't loose my place.


What we won't do to have a pair of hand knit socks. Cost doesn't matter...finsihed does. GO for funky toes on both socks!
The red maples are breathtaking. Around here they were rather dull.


pretty, pretty, pretty! all of it, but particularly the japanese maple. i want one!

Teresa C

heh! Two things: I am in the middle of a pair of socks that I keep telling myself that nobody will see them when I have my pants and shoes on. They will not match (I think I may have gotten two dye lots) and I want them finished, so I will have to live. It has been a long haul.

Second: Husbands, for the most part, do not understand ripping out work. Don't.Get.It. Just don't. My time is worth every second if I get a product that I like. My husband never gets that. So I just don't talk to him about it anymore. So there. :)


Mr. Etherknitter is a very smart man.

I love Japanese maples. My little one died this summer - it never liked the soil here - so that's lovely to see.


Mr. E is a gem, not that you did not know this. Funny, I took Japanese-maple pix too, but hadn't gotten to posting them yet.


Sins and spousal disturbance??! See if it's the right type of spousal disturbance, say with "a twinkle in the eye", I'm all for putting down the knitting. The socks are beautiful as are the lace and leafs.


The shawl looks gorgeous -- it will be well worth the wait. And the socks -- I say a yellow toe to add some sunshine in the dead of winter.


Two words - toe up.

Dorothy B

Shoes are the best way to hide a sin or two, no?

Love the Japanese Maple colours. So gorgeous. Too bad they won't thrive in our zone.


You make me homesick for the Japanese maples that grace the employee entrance to Kittridge Hall (home of the Harvard University Press). Sometime next week, the brick stairs leading up to that entrance will be truly treacherous thanks to the drifts of tiny red leaves that will have fallen off of the trees.

Cindy D

The sock colorway is yummy! What is its composition? You made me go to the website and now I want copperslate!!!!!

Lynn (enallagma9)

I'm beginning to realize that the inability to make progress on knitting lace, or any complicated project for that matter, is a clear sign that my life is too chaotic. Since I've just started two lace scarves in the hope that they'll be completed by Christmas, I think I need to de-chaotify my life in a serious way for the next six weeks.

I've always wanted a Japanese maple like that. One of these years I'll have to remember to plant one come spring.


teleportation is wonderful isn't it? ! :-)
glad to enable you towards completion.
I think you'll have enough left over for some wonderful fingerless gloves ... heh heh


Oh, my poor Japanese Maple is already naked.


Oh, there are so many times lace should not be attempted!


I heart contrasting toes and heels -- most of my handknit socks have them. So far I have always coordinated them with the main yarn, but maybe I need to get bolder.

Japanese maples are not hardy enough to survive here in zone 3b/4a, but I surely do love to see yours!


The Japanese maple leaves are lovely. Lovely enough to take your mind off running out of sock yarn, no?


Time to start working toe-up?! :) That maple is extraordinary.


Ah, girl, if we knit socks to save money we'd all be lost. Enjoy the lovely colors I say and damn the wallet, full needles ahead!
btw, how is Mr. EK's leg doing? Park City got 3 inches of snow last night...just sayin'


Ahhhhhhh!!! running out of yarn stinks!

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